W5 Reflection: sex and gender

When speaking about culture of biomedicine, we are referring to how culture influences diagnosis, care, and treatment. It is important because when treating a patient, their culture is going to influence their visit to the physician. For instance, I am going to talk about the dichotomy of sex and gender further in this paragraph but first I will mention that there are some cultures that recognize more than two genders. Thus, a tourist from a country that does will be treated differently if their case is related to that situation. Therefore, the natural division between sex and gender is accepted to be true in Western society because of biomedicine and the idea that genitalia determines your sex. However, there are many other factors that play a part in determining this; for instance, genetics, hormonal balances, and physiology. From day one sex and gender has been known the exact same way, you are genetically born a certain sex and gender is just a role played out influenced by culture. Sometimes abnormalities occur like elevated testosterone and estrogen levels. I think that in Western society we give the idea of two-sex system the appearance to be natural. This dichotomy is something many people insist on, starting at such a young age, actually before even being born. Ultrasounds can now tell what sex the baby will be so parents can prepare with gender appropriate room color choice, and clothes. When it comes to my personal views on this dichotomy, I see sex as being biomedically fixed but I don’t believe that sex has to determine your gender. I think that the United States is slowly changing and accepting more than just two genders but I think that there is a long road ahead of us. My views have came from myself being open minded to other ways of living and just being pretty acceptable. As I’ve grown up my views have differed from some of my family, but I really think it does depend on the time you grew up and the family background you grew up around.

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