W5: Activity Erectile Dysfunction

American culture is really known for their way of treating disease or working to achieve physical and mental health. Medications are absolutely the number one way in which this is done. The American society relies heavily on combatting illness or disease with medications. American patients and doctors are so comfortable with the concept of using prescription drugs to regain health that that’s all the doctor visit really is. In other cultures patients view their doctors as someone whom they can not only trust but take advice from and try to regain their health in multiple ways and by making multiple changes not just simply taking medications. Female menstruation is a prime example of medicalization in our culture. Birth control pills are not necessary physiologically for every single woman that is on birth control, menstruation is a natural thing that happens yet it seems that every woman is taking pills to control this process and it is considered very normal. In my opinion Erectile Dysfunction is very heavily medicalized in our society. The way that this condition is viewed and advertised really makes people think that they can and should simply rely on medications to fix any problems they may have. I hear and see commercials about ED and to me it always sounds like a warning, like this will happen to you and when it does take this medication to counteract this process. Medications for such conditions are so heavily advertised that it makes people think that it is abnormal to NOT take a drug and to not rely on medications for such conditions. My link shows a commercial for a drug that treats ED. Although it is stated in the commercial all the side effects and negative things that can come about from taking this drug, I believe that society does not really see or pay attention to those things but is rather focused on simply treating one condition.

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  1. Hi Meri!
    Cialis and other erectile dysfunction medications as treatment for E.D. is a very common practice in older men in the United States. It is also common in younger men as well for recreational use. What causes this to be considered an illness in the modern day is the fact that many men, in the U.S. and otherwise, feel pressured to perform sexually for their partners. If they have a problem achieving an erection, it can often feel to them that they lack a certain degree of “manhood” or dignity. Men often feel that this is embarrassing for them and could potentially make their partner think less of them. This could be considered cultural to a degree, but many believe that it may be carnal as well. Physiologically, if a male cannot impregnate a female, then he cannot reproduce. Many people believe that the purpose of life is quite simply to create more life. If a male cannot do this task, then he may begin to feel inadequate and become depressed. On top of that, if this task is one of the major purposes of life, then it could be fair for it to be considered an illness without the context of cultural influence.

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