W6 Activity: Post Prompt

W6 Activity: Post Prompt

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Title: Start your title with the week number (“W6 Activity: ”)

Pick a global health problem in a specific area to discuss (e.g. “W6 Activity: HIV in Malawi”)

Body: (300 words)

  • Provide background information on the global health problem from your title – what are its origins? What are the cultural, social, political, etc. factors that facilitate it? What are people, governments, NGOs, etc. trying to do to address it?
  • Identify an article by an anthropologist working in this area and describe their work (make sure to include a link to the article).
  • Cite your sources at the bottom in Chicago Style

Comment: (200 words)

  • Pick a post that addresses a different global health issue and read the linked article.
  • Drawing from the course materials, identify the theory and methods the anthropologist used to address this global health problem.
  • Comment on how you think applying anthropology contributed to a better understanding of this global health problem? Use specific examples.

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  1. Is the one video the only thing we have to watch/read this week??
    When I click on the “Week 6: Applied Approach” for the schedule it takes me directly to a lecture video. For the other weeks it had gone to another page, listing everything to watch/read for the week.
    Just want to make sure I’m not missing anything!

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