W6 Reflection: Community Health

I chose community health because I think it’s a very important area. With a lot of the health issues that are present today, it’s kind of like a slippery slope. Diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease can all be related to the environment that a person is raised in and continues to live in. If a person is raised in an unhealthy community, they are raised with unhealthy habits. People in many communities don’t have access to healthy foods or adequate health care so a lot of people don’t have the best health. Community Health care is an extremely important to my career choice.

I want to become a pediatric nurse so community health is important for that in my opinion. Parents who have health issues or dietary issues usually pass those issues on to their children. With being a nurse, I’ll be able to see some of the habits that children have at a young age. Community health is important because children are molded by the actions of those around them. If the people around them have poor health habits then the children will have poor health habits as well.

This is important from an anthropological viewpoint because looking at many diseases from this angle could help to find the starting point for a lot of diseases. It could also help doctors educate people on disease prevention more effectively. Once a community understands the habits that lead to poor health they could change their habits; then their children will be taught better habits. I think that community health is all about developing better health habits and passing them along to those around you so that they will have better habits as well. Once a community is better educated about health I think it will be easier for them to become healthier.

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