W6 Activity: HIV/AIDS in Malawi

For this week’s Activity I chose to discuss HIV/AIDS in Malawi. When searching for information I found an online article that went into great detail and really explained what exactly is going on in Malawi. According to the article, HIV/AIDS affects nine hundred and ten thousand children and adults in this country. The most interesting thing I found is that, not only is this disease so prevalent in this country but it is actually the leading cause of death among adults in this country. Another really interesting thing I found is that women are actually more affected than men. The article states that 60% of the adults infected with HIV/AIDS are women. This could be to cultural aspects and social aspects, maybe men are more likely to have relationships with multiple partners than women are and therefore they are transmitting it to multiple women which could ultimately be causing an overall higher percentage of women affected than men. According to the article, it seems though, that the government in Malawi has actually had a great response to this issue since the rates of the disease have declined since 2003. One way to bring the rates down has been condom distribution. Many different NGO’s have worked to make this happen and it ultimately has helped. Also, prevention of mother-to-child transmission by a treatment called “PMTCT” has been put into action and has also contributed to overall declining rates. The World Bank, the Global Fund, World Health Organization, and the President’s Emergency Find for AIDS Relief have all funded the treatment and research that is required for declining the rates of HIV/AIDS in Malawi. Most of the funding is used for HIV/AIDS treatment and care and some, not as much, is used towards HIV prevention. All of these organizations together with the Malawi government and the Malawi people have helped to overall decrease the rates of HIV/AIDS in this country. It is so empowering to see that the HIV/AIDS rates are actually able to be decreased and even though it may seem so out of control, it is being taken care of one step at a time!



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