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  • Check Announcements Page First: It is very unlikely that I will send out many mass emails in this course. If I have anything to tell the class, I will post it on the home page. This means you need to log in daily to keep up to date on any class announcements. You are responsible for everything posted on the announcements page.
  • Type #HELP and type your question into the comment section on the schedule page for the week: Especially if your problem is a technical problem (like a link doesn’t work or you can’t find a video). Help out the rest of the class by answering other student’s questions here. By using #HELP I can find your question more easily.
  • Use #TAZ in your weekly posts or comments to get my attention: If you want to tell me something in weekly blog post or comment, using #TAZ will help me find your question or comment more easily. You can use this to clarify something in your post or just to point out something cool that you think I would appreciate. This is not required, but is there for you if you need it.
  • Don’t email the entire class: If you have a question, check the site first – your answer is probably there.

EMAIL POLICY: If you have something private you need to discuss (like medical emergencies) or if you have a message specifically for me or Nikki- you are more than welcome to email us. Make sure you follow the format below when sending emails:

  • Put “ANP 204″ in the subject line
  • Start the email with “Hi Taz” or something polite.
  • Use full sentences, proper grammar, etc.
  • Sign with your full name and email address

Please allow us up to 48 hours to respond to your emails (especially if it is over the weekend). Emails that do not meet the above protocol will not receive a response.

OFFICE HOURS: Since this is an online class, there are no designated office hours. However, I am in East Lansing for most of the summer and am available to meet with students if you have any questions or just want to hang out with your teacher 🙂

I am also on SKYPE pretty regularly so if you have a quick question, you can message me… or if you are really brave, we can video chat.


Twitter HeadshotEmail: (do not email me through D2L, just use your regular email client)
Office: 404 Baker Hall
Skype: tazin.karim
Twitter: PharmaCulture




If you are experiencing real technical difficulties, like your password isn’t working, or you are receiving an error message when trying to login, or anything like that, you should directly email the tech help desk: anthropology [dot] courses [at] matrix [dot] msu [dot] edu .

Please note that this email DOES NOT come to me, it goes to the WordPress technical team. You should write this address down somewhere because obviously, if you can’t access the site, you can’t access this page where the email is located… 


The only thing you will use D2L for is accessing your gradebook. However, if you ever have any issues with D2L, you should contact them directly.

Local: (517) 355-2345

Toll Free: (800) 500-1554
(North America and Hawaii)

Web: D2L Contact Form
Web: D2L Help Site