Week 1: Introduction to Medical Anthropology


  • Lecture: 1.1 Introduction to the Field [watch]
  • Lecture: 1.2 Conceptual Approaches [watch]
  • PDF: Miner (1956) – Body Ritual Among the Nacerima [read]
  • PDF: Helman (2006) – Why Medical Anthropology Matters [read]
  • Link: What is Medical Anthropology (SMA website) [link]
  • Video: Illness Activity [watch]



  • Reflection Post: W1 Reflection Prompt [link] – due 5/22 @ 11:59PM EST. (fixed)
  • Activity Post: W1 Activity Prompt [link] – due 5/22 @ 11:59PM EST.
  • Comments: Due 5/24 @11:59PM EST
  • Weebly: Set up an account with www.weebly.com and start working on the homepage of your new website (have fun and be creative!!)
  • Weebly Link Submission form: To get the 10 pts for setting up your weebly website, please fill out the information in this google form – due 5/31 @11:59PM EST

11 thoughts on “Week 1: Introduction to Medical Anthropology

  1. I am having trouble watching the lectures. It does prompt me to enter my username and password…this is supposed to be our username and password for this website, correct? It seems that it is authorizing that part but then the video gets stuck on the loading screen and doesn’t go beyond that. Any suggestions?


  2. Hi, I enrolled a little late so I’m a bit confused. Is the intro blog post different from the W1 Activity prompt? Also the link to the prompt for the reflection prompt is down so I’m not sure what exactly to write for there. Finally, is the comment for the W1 Activity prompt count as the comment due at 5/24?

  3. Hi Ronald – The intro post is different from the W1 activity prompt – you can find the prompt on the course introduction page under the schedule tab (go ahead and do it ASAP and you can still get credit). The link for the W1 reflection prompt should work now, sorry about that! The comments for both the W1 activity and W1 reflection are due on 5/24. Each week you will do 2 posts and 2 comments (this week you have an extra post and comment because I want you to introduce yourself to the class). Hope that clarifies!

  4. Is there a way to delete (or edit) comments?
    I was evidently a bit overzealous in my “post comment” clicking and submitted my response to someone’s post twice.

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