Week 4: Experiential Approach


  • Lecture: 4.1 Experiencing Illness [watch]
  • Lecture: 4.2 Illness Narratives [watch]
  • PDF: Werner – “Illness stories on self and shame in women with chronic pain” [read]
  • Blog: Fibromyalgia + The Type “A” personality [link]
  • Clip: A Day Living with Diabetes [watch]
  • Blog: A Dad’s Story of Male Post-Partum Depression [link]
  • Film: Placebo: Cracking the Code (1 hour) [watch]
  • FilmChoose an episode of True Life that deals with a mental illness, physical illness/injury or other medical condition  to discuss in the activity blog for this week: 

To access the True Life videos, hover over the play button and select one with an option to watch for free on MTV. If you hit the load more button at the bottom, you can scroll through the 200+ episodes to find one that focuses on medical condition that interests you. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY TO WATCH THESE SO DON’T PICK AN OPTION THAT REQUIRES PAYMENT!


  • Reflection Post: W4 Reflection Prompt [link] – due 6/12 @ 11:59PM EST.
  • Activity Post: W4 Activity Prompt [link] – due 6/12 @ 11:59PM EST.
  • Comments: Due 6/14 @ 11:59PM EST.
  • Weebly: Work on the Experiential Approach page of your Weebly [link]

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