What is Weebly?

Weebly is a free site that lets you easily create your own website. Each of you are responsible for creating your own website through Weebly. Your website will be about a specific illness that you get to choose – anything from cervical cancer to depression. Each week, you will be adding another page/tab to your site where you will be discussing that same illness through the anthropological approach for that week – and incorporating information from course lectures, readings, popular media and multimedia from outside sources. At the end of the semester, this site will count as your final course project and will be graded for credit.

What do I put in my Weebly?

Each week, we will update the course weebly: www.ANP204.weebly.com and include instructions for each new page. It will usually consist of an overview of each approach, an analysis of the illness within that approach, some type of multimedia, and a bibliography. I have used ADHD as an example, but remember, you can choose any illness you would like.

Although you will be creating pages every week – I will wait until the final due date to actually grade them so feel free to edit them throughout the semester.

What is the point of the Weebly?

We want you to imagine you are creating this website to convince the world how useful medical anthropology can be when studying health and illness. By doing so, you will also be convincing me, the instructor, that you understood the course materials and were able to apply them in an engaging way (through the website). For this reason, make sure you go back and edit your pages as you become more familiar with the approaches. The final website should be a polished, cohesive product.

Can I make my Weebly awesome-r than the example?

PLEASE DO! The ANP 204 course weebly is the simplest template they have and there are dozens more that you can choose from. Although you won’t be graded on your color scheme, you will be graded on how effective your presentation of the material is. If you include links to outside sources, images, videos, etc – make sure they add to the written content you are putting up on the page, not distracting from it!

Will you be looking at my Weebly before the final due date?

Yes. Especially the second week of the class to make sure you successfully created one and are understanding how to use it. Also, if you would like me to look at your site before week the end of week 6, email me or IM me on Skype with a link to the page and I will be happy to take a look and give you some feedback. After week 6, I won’t be looking at Websites until the final due date so make sure to ask for feedback before then. Also, I should note that students who wait until the last minute to get started usually score much lower than those working throughout the semester… so get started now!

Who else can see my Weebly?

Anyone who searches for it or has a direct link to it. Once the class is over, you are free to take it down, or use it as part of your college portfolio. If you are uncomfortable putting your work online, you can turn in your work as a 15 page research paper addressing the same topics as you would on the Weebly. Make sure you notify me by week 2 if you choose this option.

OK, I am ready to get going on this awesome assignment! Where do I start?

Before you do anything, make sure to watch this quick “How to set up my weebly website” tutorial that I threw together (apologies in advance for the poor sound quality!) Here are the steps in order:

  1. Sign up for a free Weebly account at www.weebly.com. and use your msu.edu email address
  2. Choose the “site” button as the focus of your site
  3. Choose any random theme (you can change it later)
  4. Choose the first option “Use a subdomain of weebly” and type in “ANP204-yournetid” into the field. (e.g.” ANP204-karimtaz”) and hit continue
  5. Watch the pop up video for an introduction to weebly and then exit out of the video
  6. Click on the orange “publish” button on the top right of the page
  7. The “choose your website domain” will pop back up, just hit the “continue button at the bottom right”
  8. The “Categorize your website” window will pop up and you will select “Education” under “Select website type” and “Class project” under “Select category” and hit the “continue” button
  9. Verify that you are a human and then publish your site
  10. Write down the name of your URL (in blue at the top of your page)

The URL for your weebly should be “ANP204-yourMSUNetID.weebly.com” (eg: www.ANP204-karimtaz.weebly.com)

*** DO NOT PURCHASE THE “.COM” VERSION OF YOUR PAGE!! JUST STICK WITH THE FREE “.WEEBLY.COM” VERSION!!**** I know it is confusing because they say its “available” and to “continue” but they just want to sell you the domain name. Don’t fall for their tricks… 

Once you have published your site, go through the general instructions on how to build a Weebly website which can be found here: http://help.weebly.com/beginners-guide.html

Remember, for explicit instruction for what to put on each page of your website, visit www.ANP204.weebly.com each week.