W6 Reflection: Post Prompt

W6 Reflection: Post Prompt

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Title: Start your title with the week number (“W6 Reflection: ”)

Choose an area/intersection of applied medical anthropology to investigate further such as Clinical Medical Anthropology, Public health, Epidemiology, Global health, Community health, etc. (e.g. “W6 Reflection: Public Health”).

Body: (300 words)

  • Explain why you picked this intersection and how it applies to your personal interests or future career
  • Imagine you are working for a provider in that area of healthcare who is NOT an anthropologist  (doctor, epidemiologist, nurse, NGO worker, insurance company, hospital worker, etc). Explain how taking an anthropological viewpoint is useful in this particular area – use examples for the course materials and cite your outside sources in Chigago Style.

Comment: (200 words)

  • Pick someone with the SAME or similar topic as you. Evaluate their reflection – are there additional ways medical anthropology can contribute to this intersection they overlooked? Give examples.

One thought on “W6 Reflection: Post Prompt

  1. Looking at the way how you explained what you hope to accomplish in this field and what your main focus is. Public health is very important and continues to save lives everyday and has not forgotten the lives it couldn’t save in the past because of the technological disconnect that was there. The advancement for more preventative care and educating the public on many different diseases is crucial for the future because knowledge can help everyone grow at least a little. Looking at these sort of problems through a different set of eyes allows one to gain a deeper understanding of the situation that they may have been glossing over because of the continued process they were in. Because of this, there can be additional ways medical anthropology can contribute to the field of public health; one of the additional ways is to simply compare the many different risk factors of disease among the many groups within this country and see how this type of research can advance prevention among the groups. This can lead to potentially major discoveries of preventing simple diseases or illnesses from occurring and limiting the number of people affected. Overall, this is a great field to go into and will need to keep advancing for the future.

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