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Hi, My name is Bhargavi Dixit I’m a freshman so to be a sophomore. My major is Biomedical Laboratory sciences and my minor is bioethics, humanities and society. I just recently changed my major so I’m excited to see what it has to offer. I want to be a trauma surgeon in the future but that seems a little far so first I would like to get accepted into Medical School.

I took ANP 270 in Fall 2015 which help me understand other parts of health care that we don’t see. I wanted to take this class to learn in depth what medical anthropology is about and how biomedicine and all the different kinds of medicine use anthropology to there benefit.

IMG_2327Lakes and Beaches are my favorite place to visit everyday. I find them peaceful, inspiring and beautiful. They help me concentrate on my work and lighted the mood sometimes.

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  1. Hi Bhargavi! My name is Chelsea. Good for you for dreaming big and choosing to take the pre-med route! I recently graduated from MSU and am taking this as my last class because I needed a couple more credits to officially graduate. I was not pre-med, but pre-optometry instead. You can choose any major for pre-professional school, but I ended up choosing human bio since the classes matched the classes I needed for optometry school best. Although I am excited to start optometry school soon, I am SO jealous of you entering your sophomore year and still having three amazing years ahead of you at MSU. Soak up every single minute and enjoy your time there. It’ll be over before you know it! Go green!

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