Intro: Aspiring Shark Savior

… Maybe “savior” is a bit too dramatic.

Hey all,

My name is Maya Ganapathy, and I’ll be a junior in the fall.  My major is in Neuroscience, and I’m planning on minoring in anthropology.  When I first started at MSU, I was pre-vet, and then spring semester of my freshman year I switched to pre-med, but I think I’m back to pre-vet for good.  I’m in love with everything that relates to the ocean, especially sharks, and I hope to get through vet school school so that I can be a marine veterinarian/ocean activist.

I haven’t had any experience regarding anthropology (unless Bones counts! lol), but I am curious to see the effects and different methods of medicine from an anthropological perspective rather than from a clinical one.

The picture I’m including was taken last summer when I was interning at the Binder Park Zoo.  Al is  a Giant Aldabra Tortoise, and he was one of my favorite animals to work with.   Even though he doesn’t look it in the picture, Al weighs around 600 pounds, and is big enough for me to ride. (Which I didn’t do because that’s mean.)


2 thoughts on “Intro: Aspiring Shark Savior

  1. Hey Maya!
    I’m Julia. I just read your post and thought it was very funny . I also seriously considered choosing a major that would allow me to work on the oceanic environments, but ended up in Psychology. I wish you luck with your education and your career path!

  2. Hey Maya! My name is Jay. First off I love the picture of you with the tortoise. I also have an interest in oceanic environments and for the longest time was really leaning towards choosing marine biology as a field of study before I chose to study physiology for my undergrad. I have been snorkeling numerous places around the country and would really like to get my scuba certification some day. I hope everything works out for you and you are able to realize your dream!

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