Intro: Culture Enthusiast

Hey everyone,

My name is Julia Behmlander and I am a senior and graduating in May, 2017. My majors are Psychology and Spanish, and I am fluent in Spanish. While I have very little experience directly in the field of Anthropology, I have a huge interest in this field and the fields that connect to it (especially psychology).

In my spare time I have been working on a volunteer project sponsored by Rotary Clubs in Michigan that is working on improving the water quality in the Dominican Republic through the implementation of water filters in homes, wells in various communities, and classes to teach children to wash their hands properly. This project has pushed me to learn much about the cultural aspects of the Dominican Republic as well as those of Haiti, and how these two cultures interact on a day-to-day basis in the smaller communities of the island. This is where a large portion of my interest in anthropology comes from.


This picture is from my internship in the spring semester which I spent in the Dominican Republic working on the water project with Rotary. I was fortunate to also have the opportunity to teach English in a high school owned by a Rotarian. The kids in this picture were my advanced English class and were absolutely amazing to work with. I chose this particular picture because the cultural collision represented here is one that I value greatly and work to see in all aspects of my life.

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