Intro: Future Optometrist

My name is Chelsea and I graduated from MSU this past May. Technically I only “walked” – hence me still taking this class. So I guess that makes me a senior currently. My degree is in Human Biology. I am moving to Kentucky this weekend to begin optometry school. I have not taken an anthropology course before. This class sounded interesting to me and fit one of the human bio requirements so I decided to take it this summer to get my final credits needed at MSU.

I studied abroad in Rome, Italy after my sophomore year and then for the past two summers I worked as the program assistant for that program. I returned from this year’s trip a little over a week ago and chose to share this group picture of us outside the Coliseum as a picture that is relevant to me. I love traveling, and especially love Italy! And showing off our Spartan pride is always fun too šŸ™‚

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  1. i absolutely love Italy as well because my grandmother has a wine vineyard right of naples. also i too walked this pass may for graduation and have to take some extra credits to finish. also being a student who majored in both human biology and anthropology i think you will enjoy this class.

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