Intro: The Beginning of the End

My name is Robert Rariden and I am a senior studying HPS through Lyman Briggs. My title is The Beginning of the End because I am starting to finish school after taking some time off for medical reasons. I received a kidney transplant about a month ago and look forward to getting back on track to finish my major. I am taking this class because I am interested in public health and find anything medical related interesting. Over the past two years I have been focusing on my health and trying to fish as much as I can in my spare time. Here is a photo of me fishing!13118954_1377892428902887_6782747221803494280_n

2 thoughts on “Intro: The Beginning of the End

  1. Hey Robert,

    It is incredibly interesting that you recently went through the transplant process, as someone in my family is currently doing the same. It is quite intensive, but it’s great to see they you are back and doing well. I’m also interesting in medically realted topics and more specifically public health.

    Where are you from? What are your plans after MPH perhaps? Me, I am from Detroit and I hope to do an MD/MPH when I finish up this year! It may perhaps sadden you to know that I have not fished in at least a decade (saddens me too haha).

    It’s great to hear about your story. I Iook forward to seeing more of your posts in the future and your perspective on things. Best of luck in the class!!

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