Intro: Aspiring Anesthesiologist

Hi my name is Josh Hartwig I am a Junior going towards a degree in Human Biology and then plan to go on to med school. I have not taken any other anthropology classes,  this one was suggested by my advisor as a class other students have enjoyed in the past. I thought it might give me a new perspective on the medical field and I like the show BONES so I figured it could be fun.

That is why I chose this picture because aside from my advisors recomendation this show is what interested me in anthropology even though it is not the field I am planning on going in to.

One thought on “Intro: Aspiring Anesthesiologist

  1. Hey Josh!
    My name is Maya and I AM IN LOVE WITH BONES. A lot of the reasons for people taking this class are pretty “serious,” so it’s nice to see someone else who had the same motivation as me. I realize that the show is probably not the only reason you decided to take this class, but the fact that it’s your “important picture” is great.
    Good luck with anesthesiology!

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