Intro: Aspiring Cultural Anthropologist

Hi, My name is Jen, I’m a senior.  I am an Anthropology major but have a B.A. in Psychology.  While I was finishing my PSY. degree I took cultural ANP which sparked my interest in anthropology and I decided to change majors.

I choose to share a picture of me and my best friend at Mardi Gras this year, and one at the Lafayette Cemmetary No. 2.  We went for my birthday and it was amazing!  We were able to explore the city, learn a little about the history of New Orleans and of course experience Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street.  The best advice I could give though would be to go a little bit outside of the local area to get the best New Orleans creole food.   The cemeteries there were also very interesting because they are all above ground, and you can still see the damage caused by hurricane Katrina and just by erosion and other weathering.  PhotoGrid_1467836555250 Snapchat-6125092254802231950

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