W1 Activity: Shyness

When asked did I believe myself to be healthy I said no. My answer was no because I don’t take vitamins, eat properly or exercise. At one point of my life I ate clean, exercised daily and took vitamins. I can feel the difference in my body and how I feel on a daily without those actions. I have less energy and feel more sluggish and weak at times. My definition of health is the condition of ones mind and body and how that state negativity or positively affects ones’ functionality. I believe illness to be a sickness or disease that effects the mind, body or soul.

Growing up my mom always asked did I take my vitamins or kept me in some type of sport. My family drank 2% milk or used brown sugar/splenda because it was “healthier”. As a child as soon as you say you don’t feel well your temperature is checked to see if your forehead is hotter than “normal”. Whenever your body deviates from its normal equilibrium that when sickness occurs.

For the illness activity the flu and migraines was easily categorized as a illness for me. Migraines can be caused by stress and stress is none not to be healthy because it can knock off her body equilibrium. A flu only last for 24-48 hours where you make throw up, or have a fever which too shows how you body equilibrium is thrown off.   I chose menstruation and shyness not to be illness. A menstruation is something a woman goes through monthly to keep her healthy. A normal menstrual cycle lets a woman know that her body is healthy. Although this is very painful it promotes strong bones and help prepare a woman for pregnancy. My second thing I choose for a non-illness is shyness. Being shy doesn’t mean you don’t eat properly, take your vitamins or exercise. Being shy cant effect your body or mind in a negative way.

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