W1Activity: Asthma

Health and Illness they both seem to be related to each other but in reality they are  really different but still related. Health’s definition is measure in three different stages, social, physical and psychological. Illness on the other hand have definition through the culture it is represented by and how a individual definitions it on the bases of their own experience.  Many  people today have been to doctors at least once in their life time.  I would criteria the definition on individual and cultural aspects.

To me these criteria came from society, the media, personal experience and family. The media is very bias because every time there is a new research  the media changes their term of illness  I know that world is evolving and we should progress but the textbook definition is very  useful to understand what illness is. society is also a player for  defining illness because every culture has it’s own definition like in western culture we fine depression as an illness but in south American culture it is just a disorder which can be cure by alternated medicine and bio medicine so yes society plays a big role on how people think of illness.  Family and personal experience helps separate different diseases into illness.

Illness is define as a chronic diseases as I think asthma is an illness because it can be from 6 months to lifetime. Since it is a chronic  but it’s curable  with  a lot of treatment. Asthma can also kill you if you don’t take proper care towards  this illness. Headache is really common in the world since most of the diseases and illness. Every one some time in there life have complained of headaches Which leads to a lot of brain diseases and tumors. Both of those illness can be either both illness or a diseases since the definition of illness is define from society, the media, personal experience and family.

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