Week 1 Activity: Menstruation

I think health is the absence of illness and illness is some sort of sickness that you can overcome. When coming up with these definitions I used my personal experience and the things I have went through in life.

When I saw menstruation in the video I was kind of shocked because I never looked at it as an illness I always thought that it was a natural thing that all women had to go through once they reached a certain age. I have always known it as a normal thing that happens when a woman does not become pregnant so the inside of her uterus sheds its lining.

I would consider cancer as an illness because it takes over a persons body and if that person’s body can not overcome it they can die from this illness. I have witnessed multiple family members as well as friends die from this illness. I personally believe the chemotherapy hinders the body instead of help the body. This illness is one that scares me once someone has it because I know how this process goes. I believe Cancer and Menstruation are two totally different things and I honestly don’t believe Menstruation is an illness but it is a natural thing that all women must experience.

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  1. Hello,
    Your definitions of health and illness are concise to the point and it can be really difficult to sum up these terms, but health being described as an absence of illness is one way effective way to do so. I was also surprised to see some of these conditions on the “Illness Activity” but everyone has a different interpretation which is shown through this discussion forum of what they deem as an illness. I would consider cancer as an illness as well because it is an abnormal number of cells in the part of the body affected. Chemotherapy surprisingly is not always effective. In fact, there was a study that showed that chemotherapy is only 2.1% effective toward a 5 year survival. It’s a tragic illness that unfortunately affects many people but hopefully the research on cancer can find an effective cure for it. Menstruation, on the other hand, has much less severity and is cyclic process that is needed for women’s health. It actually prepares the women’s body for pregnancy and provides hormones. If something were to interrupt this cycle, then that could potentially be considered an illness such as ovarian cancer or the formation of polyps.

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