I am not sure how to make sense of the fact that cornary artery disease is so prevalent among white men. It’s hard to say that it is the work week or lack of exercise given that other ethnic groups have similar attributes, if they are not more pronounced. I am also not quite sure how much of it is genetic. It seems odd that the rate is so high, in fact. i would have figured black men had the highest incidence of coronary heart disease given the social reality.

Race is certainly a useful way of approaching clinical studies seeking to gain a better understanding of these trends. Heart disease, a condition with a large environmental component offers a chance for race to be a factor in the higher incidence for white men, either directly or through its connection to SES. I’ skeptical about genetic links to explain the phenomenon, but perhaps they could be researched¬†as well. It would be nice to see more data on this. Like how long this has been the case. It might also be interesting to see how this breakd down across different age ranges. For instance, perhaps black men don’t experience an incidence of heart disease quite as high because they are less likely to live into old age.

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