W2 Activity: Bad Sugar

I did horribly on the Health Equity Quiz and I was really surprised by this! I always thought I was fairly tuned into what was going on with health care in the United States and I still got many of those questions wrong. I was saddened to see the cost we spend on health care versus the life expectancy of Americans. This amount of disparity really should incline people to change their habits. The incorporation of better eating habits and more exercise would greatly help this problem, but for some that is just not possible. I watched the Unnatural Causes movie Bad Sugar which helped to explain this to me. Development and urbanization have made this hard for many people. In poorer neighborhoods, food deserts are common. A food desert is when there is a lack of health, fresh foods nearby. In poor neighborhoods, the food that is around is marked up to a much higher prices in comparison to surrounding affluent neighborhoods. This seemed backwards to me, how is it right to starve people of the food they need to prevent becoming sick with the illnesses that plague America including, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The episode highlighted a community of Native Americans who are especially effected by this, the Pima’s. The Pima’s have the highest rates of diabetes in the country and struggle to break the cycle. Their way of life was disrupted when their water supply was tampered with. This, plus the induction of an abundance of fast food restaurants into their community, has lead to enormous rates of diabetes among them. One might be inclined to say that this is due to genetic causes, but the environment that these people live in is much more to blame. This is a public health problem that perpetuates the state of unhealthiness that plagues many communities in the US.

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  1. I see the problem win bad sugar in a few different lights. First and foremost, education is the most important part in preventative medicine or stopping the disease before it even takes hold. I talked with a CEO of a hospital last summer about he told me that they are working on ways to educate the public and setting up preventive health care centers. These centers are mostly about education, but also exercise and how to live a healthy lifestyle. If one is to know the road they are about to go down, they will do more to avoid it. This responsibility falls on the Hospitals and Government to implement ways to provide preventive health measures and education. Next would be finding a way to provide healthier food for these people. But like I said education must come first otherwise this would be a waste and a failed program. People must know that they cannot eat fast food in abundance and expect everything to be alright healthwise. But this responsibility should fall on the local communities and local government to find way to lure in shops and store that can provide healthy food. Setting up a farmer’s market and providing community outreach. Those are my two main points but like I said education is the most important.

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