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When I  was taking the quiz  I felt really naïve  because  How we stand globally about life expectancy and how we still think that wealthy is healthy might not be true today. I got 5 out of 10 , there are couple of statics that amused me with how the world  thinks of health. One of the facts   is that we still think that wealthy people are healthy which is true but now the fitness is really important to everyone. Health and fitness features in every  magazine and tv shows how to stay fit and active so I think its not all wealthy people who are healthy but class pyramid is very true for 65% of time.  Another fact is that people in 20th century could live 30 years longer.

I watch the video place matters in the start of the video they talk about how a town to town the life expectancy change in America.  Dr. Weiland  a cardiologist who talks about when they diagnose the patient he found that the young patient didn’t smoke or done anything harmful substance that could have a bad effect on human body. Environment, living area and Income can also have an effect on health. Low Income neighborhood has  lot of disadvantage like when they buy a car its was at least $500 dollar more then others expenses seen more expensive. Researcher found that disadvantages neighborhood increases in rate of devolvement of heart diseases is by 50% and when stress get chronic  it leads to high blood pressure which leads to hypertension.  Living in disadvantage neighborhoods also leads to violence then  families start to lose their members towards gang violence which result in  more stress. Children in these community also go through violence which decrease  development in  brain and immune activity. Place really does matter in child growth, heart diseases etc.

Non- genetic factor can be a place where you live?  what kind of power plants are there? and how are your surrounding and many more. The observer look at all of these question and how are they affecting the patients lives.


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  1. Hi Bhargavi, I also watched the episode “Place Matters” and found it to be informational. You discussed that the major health problem in the episode, which was heart disease is actually heavily influenced by environment. I actually completely agree with this statement especially after you explained how. In order to tackle this issue, certain steps have to be taken. First, is focusing on the roots of the problem. A policy needs to be implemented to cater for disadvantaged people in terms of availability of health services. There should be reduced costs in medication and screening and this can be done from donations. Other forms of transportation use should also be encouraged like using a subway or a bus. It’s less likely that there will be clinics or hospitals around disadvantaged areas and so people have to drive there, which costs gas, which costs money. This hinders them for being one step closer to being able to afford costs that really matter. There should also be an educational outreach on eating better as diet plays a huge role in the long run. And government needs to figure out how to cut down on the price of foods that actually matter like fruits and vegetables. Because in actuality it does not make sense that fast food is cheaper than purchasing produce. And this is all on the locals because it is their vote that counts as they pick the government officials who then have the power to change society for the better.

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