W2 Reflection: Weight gain among Indian Women



Race, genetic are two different ways of figuring out a person’s health. Race has very debatable relationship with health because sometimes it helps with the daigionisis but other times it offense a patient. Race can help people like the Eugene program where they had men and women who weren’t fit to have children by institutions and these people were poor and non-whites this program was from 1902 to 1970 which ended up beginning a disaster because  the mission or the reason to start this program was not realistic  in my opinion.  This programs use race  to determine the health of these poor non- whites but in reality they could have kids and if enough money they would , institutional  racism  should not have been use to determine there health of reproduction and caring.  Race has complicated relationship with health where in some cases it works and some like Eugene program did not have a good effect on using race to determine the fitness of the poor. Genetic also has a similar relationship but little bit positive one. In the lecture she talks about how this pharmaceutical company call Bidil who created a drug for African American with hypertension and higher heart diseases problems. For patient to get these drug they had to be self identify as Black. In the video this example was for race but to me these is genetic issue because I feel like the is drug towards Blacks because it work well with their genetics and immune system. I know that everyone has different immune system but culture or species gene is the same.

I suppose this is  something that I also have difficulty with weight gain in Indian women. Begin a Indian women I never had a flat stomach and most of the women in India don’t we  have sweet tooth most of our foods are spicy and sweet  and our eating habits are really bad we like large amounts of meals four times a day so their is a lot of obesity  which lead to diabetes and hypertension and cardiovascular disease. I choose these because it affect a lot of south eastern Asians. This is totally social determines because even  thought Indians think of obesity negatively everyone has someone in their family who struggles with these I lost my father’s aunt through weight gain and it was just because of what they were eating and  there community. 

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    You pointed out an important yet overlooked issue regarding the weight gain in India. As an Indian woman, I often see Indian women in their mid 40’s and older who are overweight due to their desire to eat sweet and spicy foods that can lead to diabetes. When I visit my family in India, they always eat more than the average three meals and I never knew the reason for it. Also, most Indian women are housewives and spend most of their time cooking in the kitchen so they do not get the right amount of physical activity, resulting in the weight gain. Additionally, many people consider rice to a be a staple of India however I feel that ghee, which is similar to clarified butter, is due to its overabundant use in cooking Indian meals. It is strange how the same population in India can deal with malnutrition and weight gain depending on their financial stability.

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    To me it sounds like because of the culture is what is leading to the obesity in Indian women not genetics. You said that they eat 4 large meals a day and like sweet foods that sound like they are high in sugars. So based on how you describe a “normal” Indian family and what their practices are, that the result of cultural behaviors not race is what is leading to obesity among Indian women. Another aspect that you didn’t mention is how is obesity among Indian men? Are the men dealing with the same problems? If not why? Are the women stuck at home or working? Is this another cultural element to why it affects Indian women and not men? These are just a couple of question that I would ask to strengthen your case. Going back to your discussion on eugenics I wanted to clarify a couple things that I picked up from the video. That in the beginning eugenics was trying to sterilize both white and black women and men based on the assumption that traits like poverty and promiscuity were genetic. This is obviously wrong but then as time went on the social workers and doctors that authorized these procedures to sterilize people let their own racial biases cloud their judgment. That is when these procedures started only happening to black women discriminating against a race rather than a perceived genetic condition. I don’t thing race is a good factor to consider when grouping people or looking at health because if you do this you miss the important stuff. People will always be predisposed to conditions of their region, but that is not because of their race but where they live and come from.

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