W4 Reflection: Fibromyalgia

Before this weeks material I was not fully aware of Fibromyalgia and how misunderstood it actually is. I only heard about it here and there from the commercials on the radio or TV, and even then it was the medication if you had Fibromyalgia. In our society today I feel as though Fibromyalgia is so misunderstood because its not fully known and the information from social media are relatively false in the first place. With the people that are suffering from Fibromyalgia tend to suffer in silence because they have such a hard time expressing the pain because it’s not visible to the naked eye. But biologically, the nerve is so sensitive that it brings an immense amount of pain to the person. It can also help get the illness to be known by having them get treated to help tolerate the pain. However, the misconstrued is due to the fact that people think that people are trying to seek attention, and not only does the illness proclaim to be more commonly known in Females. Society it self already has a biased opinion against women and not to mention the stigmatism that women are less than men. I think the connection between belief and healing are very similar within one another. If you are on a trial and you are given the “placebo” it’s shown that people fully believe that the placebo is the true medication. And taking the placebo they start to feel better because they believe that they are taking the true medication to help them. It’s known that the power of the mind is power of believing. With believing its known to be what can heal you. If you are receiving treatment and expecting the treatment, to work, which may or may not be the placebo, it will most likely work.

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  1. Hi Nicole,

    Prior to this week’s lecture, I was kind of in the same boat you were in regards to not really understanding fibromyalgia and how it is perceived here in the States. In fact, the only time I had ever heard about it was when a friend of mine said that she had it, but she didn’t really explain what it was, and then continued to say that no one else really knew what it was either. My new perception of this illness is essentially severe pain perhaps caused by oversensitive nerves that can appear throughout the body at any given moment. It also appears that there are quite a bit of other symptoms present in this illness that I had not considered previously, as well as a social stigma surrounding the patient as an “attention seeker”.

    It’s interesting that you mentioned TV/radio commercials as your source of information on the illness. I think that may be part of the problem with our understandings of many things, including illnesses. Drug companies want to push as much product as they can in order to make money, so they often throw out generalizations in order to appeal to the masses. Their wording may also be misleading to the everyday person. Social institutions, including our healthcare system, may not want to admit that there are illnesses out there that they aren’t able to explain, because it may be an issue of personal pride, e.g. “Well you clearly are making this up because we’re really smart and we can’t find ANYTHING wrong with you”. I also believe that friends and family have an impact on our perceptions as well. For example, there is a family history of certain illnesses in my family, and a lot of the information I would hear would be experiential, rather than scientific. If we don’t carefully and critically examine the information we are provided, we may contribute to future misunderstandings of afflictions such as fibromyalgia.


  2. Nicole and Cory as well, I think most of us were in the position where we were really learning about Fibromyalgia for the first time. I like when you said that if you did hear about it it was probably on TV and instead was a medication that was being marketed for the condition. Fibro. is not exclusive in the fact that it is not understood well and people who suffer from it have a hard time expressing what it going on. Another post talked about chronic pain and I think here in the United States mental illness such as depression can also be written off by people leaving the person who is suffering in a bad position. I agree with what you say in regards to the mind being able to heal. I think after some of the material we covered this week it would be hard to dismiss that idea.

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