W4 Activity: Dangerous Eating Obsessions

Francesca Cory

I don’t think you can emphasize enough the fact that there needs to be an open line of communication between the doctors and the patient. This narrative can help the doctors pick the right treatment and in some cases figure out what is causing an ailment in the first place. Also being open with your family with problems can help you gain support if you need help with something.

The episode I chose highlighted two people in their 20’s who had an eating obsession that the had not disclosed to their doctors or even their family and significant others. Francesca was eating bars of soap and Cory was eating hot glue gun sticks. Both of these people were eating more than one of their items of choice every single day. I would describe this episode as a quest to finally stop eating soap and glue sticks. In one instance Cory was eating the glue sticks to make up for and feel more comfortable with the stigma of being transgender. In our culture this is something that people have discriminated against and frown upon in some circumstances. His experience with the medical professionals were non existent and he had no idea what the bars of glue were doing to him. In Francesca’s circumstance she actually consulted with a doctor and learned that her addiction was going to affect her health negatively in the long term. I think it is important that both of these individuals were able to tell their significant others about their problem to gain their support and help in beating the addiction.

This goes back to the illness narrative being important in terms of openly communicating and gaining support when you feel like you are alone in dealing with a problem. Whether that problem be a strange addiction or a medical ailment you are keeping secret, open communication is key for success.



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