W5 Activity: ADHD

In American society today medicalization and biomedicalization are very important things to consider when looking at different types of illnesses. A lot of the medications used now a day are used to fix a particular problem that society may say a person has. The availability of these medications influences a persons health tremendously because it is an easy way to make a persons life better. The greatest example of this is ADHD or ADD. A person with ADHD is considered to be hyperactive impulsive, and has difficulty paying attention. When coming to college I realized how many students took Adderall to help them study. Many of these students didn’t actually have ADHD but it was such a popular thing to take to enhance your studying in order to perform better on an exam or quiz. I feel like this shows how much pressure we put on students to do well in school. Being successful in college is super important and using these different drugs to do so have become a huge thing to do.


When looking at medications for ADHD I found one for Adderall. This advertisement is a perfect depiction of a positive outcome of taking these drugs. It depicts a little boy who after taking Adderall performed better in school. I sometimes think that advertisements like this socially have a negative outcome in our society. This advertisement portrays to parents that oh if your child is ding bad in school let them take Adderall and they will perform so much better. Although this advertisement to me is encouraging parents to have their kids take this medication one important thing is that it does say to consult a doctor before having your child take it and in very small print it does tell you the different effects that this may have on your child.

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