W5 Activity: Depression

I chose depression because I feel that it is heavily medicalized. Today, medicine is mainly about medications and drugs. Doctors and health care professionals turn to drugs to try to treat every illness. Sometimes prescription drugs are the answer to treat illnesses but other times there are probably better treatments out there. Although medications can help people it can also cause bad side effects and can even be life threatening. I feel that medication is the route that most people take because it is a fast and easy solution. When looking at depression I feel that doctors prescribe medication because it is a fast and easy answer and it shows a positive outcome very quickly, but the underline problems still exist. I feel that depression should be treatment with frequent therapy visits and maybe some medication on top of that but not just alone. In the film “Pill Poppers” showed examples of how pills may not work for what they are intended to work for. This also showed how pills could be abused, as an example those who take ADHD medication that do not need it just to try to get ahead. Many pills are not getting used for what they were made to be used for. An example of this is for the medication that was used to treat angina but then ended up working better as an erectile dysfunction medication.



I chose to use a commercial for Abilify. This is an add on treatment for depression that you take with you other depression medication. This stuck out to me because it shows how dependent we are on medication and how it is not always working as well as we would hope. This medication is meant to be taken at the same time as other medication to help with the side effects and to make the medication work better. I think this advertisement shows our cultural values and how much importance we put into medications. This advertisement did a good job of explaining what it is like to live with depression and how those people feel. This makes people with depression connect to the commercial and also helps them to feel that they are not alone. They also did a good job talking about all the risks of this medication, and like most medications there were a lot of health risks.


Below is the link for the commercial I talked about in my post.

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