W5 Activity: Obesity

Medication in America is used to help us get better, treat us, and enhance us. On TV/Radio etc, medicine advertisements always feature what the ideal average person is and tells us if we want to be normal we need to take these pills even if what you are experiencing isn’t really a “problem”.  Our society (Western) sets high standards of health and prosperity based on how you are in your mid 20’s, and that is a pretty unrealistic number to represent us.

Obesity is a huge epidemic here in America, this disease leads to other serious health issues. However, how we diagnose obesity is based on our western ideals of the perfect body. For example,we have the whole “plus size model” thing and in reality they are not “fat” or “obese” but in most cases they are healthy.  We also have that really un accurate BMI scale that says people are overweight when they really aren’t. However if you are “obese” we have a bunch of lovely meds for you.

Take Perricone For example : http://www.dermstore.com/product_Health++Weight+Management_29215.htm


These pills are supposed to help you maintain your ideal weight (what ever that is). First off, this kind of points to an audience who is afraid of gaining, wants to lose weight, or is a health nut. The product looks sleek and gender neutral, the pills are meant for unisex. The box has that pharma icon on the bottom and has MD in the  name. The description just throws around jibberish like ” protective antioxidants” primrose oil that are supposed to increase metabolism, decrease fat, and boost energy levels. That honestly to me, sounds really questionable, especially since the brand’s mission statement or whatever is on the site – first thing says “target cellular inflammation for a more youthful complexion”, like what. This pill is also tagged under Beauty food and supplements so I would assume anyone searching for key words in google like, beauty , food, weightloss, pills etc. this would be one of the first things that will pop up for them as it did for me.

It’s an idea in our culture that we can fix anything with a pill instead of taking the “difficult way” – Running etc. You could look at it as to say we are lazy or just so caught up in these health standards the media presents that we just buy the first thing associated with “healthy” while not thinking about the consequences.

One thought on “W5 Activity: Obesity

  1. Hello, your article about obesity was very interesting to read. Obesity in our culture is something that many people might make fun of. Obese people are shamed upon, and the media only provokes it. The perfect image that the media portrays is a body that is very hard to achieve. Little do they know, most of the models are heavily photoshopped to make their physique nearly impossible to achieve. Since obesity is an illness that is increasing within many Americans, many pharmaceutical companies take advantage of this time to create fat burners that will increase their revenue exponentially. Many obese people who buy these fat burners, like Perricone describes in your post, have little knowledge of what they are. They are tricked by the advertisement saying how it works on many people. These only work when used on an empty stomach, and with an excess amount of cardio. Losing weight is mentally draining, and adding a fat burner can cause many disadvantages that the pharmaceutical company do not show in their advertisement. These disadvantages like increased blood pressure, insomnia, and depression leads to many illnesses. The image that america portrays as the perfect body is a reason why the illness of obesity is developed. People on this fat burner might lose faith and gain more weight because of the false advertisement.

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