W5 Reflection: Male/Female

Culture of biomedicine which is an institution that has a complex relationship with culture because they don’t co-exist in each other’s world. Biomedicine believes in health as anatomy not a culturally create body or spiritual body or an illness. Language of Biomedicine is based on the scientific facts and human body or anatomy of human body, Biomedicine was culturally created and mostly influenced by Western medicine and it’s in terms of mind vs. Body. Male/Female is one of the complex dichotomy after life/death because it also influences this dichotomy. Males gender roles or sex is proclaim more important inmost cultural I don’t know why but men are usually more privilege than women. Even though today women are more in number of population than men there is no major change in difference. I think now their more patriarchy in society even though we are in inforce of next female president. I think it started when the living spices were created the female where always looked down upon because I think there were made beautiful and useful but males where held leadership and in charge of them since they were count as head of the family. Male and female ae both great but their gender roles created by culture and stigma has created a huge gap in them social, politically, economically and health. 


In western medicine male/ female difference starts from birth research has shown how there are more complication in male fetus then female. As they grow similarly in ages from birth to age of 5 or 7 they act similar. Health problem or illness differ in male/ female is the when a female go to the doctor with emesis and is thin they do think she has eating disorder or male they would diagnose him with a different illness. Male and females are judge differently with their appearances and diagnose which shouldn’t happens but does, this more common n western medicine than alternative medicine.


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  1. Hello, I really liked your post about the dichotomy between male and female. The dichotomy between male and female is very misunderstood. The only person that understands this would be the individual going through this because of being born a male or female. I agree with you that the in most cultures that men are perceived more dominant than females. This creates an image where men should always be masculine and show no signs of being feminine. That is why when many older generation men see feministic characteristics in a man, they frown upon it. The dichotomy between male and female is important to clinicians because this gives rise to many men or female that do not feel right in their own body. Many individuals now born a male or female, do not feel right in their body because of the perception of male and female in their cultures. A female might act more masculine, or a male might act more feminine. This is how they are comfortable, and this leads to clinicians implementing sex changes. This allows the individual to be in a body that they are comfortable in. This allows them to have the reproductive organs that they want too.

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