W6 Reflection: public health

I chose to talk about public health because I want to be a future medical anthropologist that studies high risk obstetrics and women’s health. I think public health is the most important because everyone needs health care and to be healthy. The public health care system is one of the biggest and most expensive systems in America. Many citizens don’t have private heath care and depend on public health care systems. Many women go to the nearby clinic for free prenatal care, check ups and birth control because they don’t have insurance. Also women are the most likely to become obese and with America being known as the fattest country women have problems with weight and health care. Many obese women have troubles during their pregnancy. Things like high blood pressure, bad heart, preeclampsia and limited growth space for the fetus are a few issues they have due to being over weight.

Having an anthropological viewpoint about women’s pubic obstetrics health care is great because many medical doctors only know the western biomedicine viewpoint of women health. As an anthropologist we study all cultures and how they deal with difficult pregnancies so having a person who is familiar with different methods of solving your issues on hand is resourceful. We also help document these kind of incidents so insurance companies have access to the materials and can better help serve their clients needs. As we don’t just study the results of the factors but the factors put into place that causes an obese woman to have complications. We study their pervious health, current health state ns when daily activities aid in them being more at risk. Also knowing these shared behaviors between women can help doctors better treat their patients. When is comes to helping the hospital anthropologist are great because many women have different religious practices when giving birth and know how to respect these things are key in the patients health and their response to it.

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  1. Hello, Dejonia! I enjoyed your article and didn’t think to look at the issue from a women’s health standpoint. I also think that public health is important because as future professionals we need to understand trends in different areas and the best way to apply treatment. Especially as globalization increases we need to be aware of different cultural viewpoints in our responses to treating certain ailments. Perhaps the best examples were from the previous week’s lectures regarding the clown doctors and the Shamans working in hospitals. It shows how we must maintain the delicate balance of applying our traditional approaches in western medicine to someone who may not necessarily share the same views. You were spot on in your examples regarding women’s health. I think in addition to examining things such as the socio-economic factors contributing to obesity, we need to also look at things such as possible religious or cultural things regarding obstetrics and gynecology. Furthermore, I think we need to look at how women may become obese and how we can try to prevent that from happening in the first place. The majority of our illnesses are preventable and with all of the complications that arise from being overweight, perhaps the easiest way to do that is by maintaining a heathy weight.

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