W4 Reflection: Fibromyalgia

As provided by the Mayo Clinic, the official definition of the illness Fibromyalgia is “a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues.”  The blogger defined it as being wide spread muscle pain that could cause anything in her body to hurt without warning.  I never really understood what Fibromyalgia was, but now I understand that it is not only painful, but the pain is unpredictable, and it can cause damage in various areas of the body.  The blogger even went so far as to call it “Guess what hurts and win a cookie!” as she never knew what part of her body would hurt her that day.  She also said that she had painful muscle spasms.  Not only that, but in the morning she could feel stiffness in her limbs, irritable bowls, flu and allergy like symptoms, memory loss, dry eyes, mood swings, and chest pains that simulated the feeling of a heart attack (among others).  Sine Fibromyalgia is considered to be a syndrome, it is often hard for people to get the help they need from doctors as they have to convince their doctors that their pains are real.  It can also be difficult to argue with insurance providers as there may be no physical proof for the pain, such as a broken are or a bloody gash.  Also, since there are sometimes to physical signs of the pains, Fibromyalgia is sometimes considered to be a mental disorder, which makes it even harder for people to get treatment.

I believe that there is a condition between belief and healing.  When I was younger, I would occasionally try to will myself to throw up so that I would not have to go to school.  Incredibly, this actually worked some of the time.  Likewise, whenever I felt sick but I wanted to hang out with friends, I would just try to will myself to get better.  I woul think happy thoughts and believe in the power to heal myself, and I would often feel better.  While I’ve heard of people taking sugar pills as placebos to actual medication, I had never heard of placebo surgery until the movie.  The man from Texas who had “knee surgery” was able to walk even though he did not have surgery.  I think this really shows the trust people have in the medical system.  If a doctor says that something will work, people tend to believe it.  However this is also kind of sad as the man could walk without the help of a doctor, but he had to have “surgery” before he was able to will himself to walk.

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