Week 7: Final Week

Course Materials:

  • None 🙂 This week is all about finishing up the final project and completing the course survey.

Final Project (120pts) – Due Thursday night 8/18 @ 11:59PM EST

Category: Final Project

Title: Start your title with “Final Project:”

Grading Breakdown: Your final project should be in essay form, with an intro, five different sections outlining each of the medical anthropology approaches you learned about in weeks 2-6, and a conclusion. Keep in mind that the total length is a minimum of 500 words, so I don’t expect your paragraphs to be incredibly long. The structure should be as follows:

Paragraph 1–introduction (20 points): Introduce the illness you selected and give an overarching thesis statement about how medical anthropology in general may help illuminate our understanding of the illness.

Paragraphs 2-6–body (60 points, or 12 points per approach): Describe how you would approach understanding the illness you chose from each of the five different approaches to medical anthropology covered in the course–1) Ecological and Biological Approaches; 2) Ethnomedical Approach; 3) Experiential Approach; 4) Critical Approach; and 5) Applied Approach. You should cite 1-2 course materials in each section, whether it be a lecture, newspaper article, class reading, video, etc. Please choose a variety of sources rather than solely citing lectures throughout.

Paragraph 7–conclusion (20 points): This section is a bit open. Feel free to elaborate on which approach to medical anthropology you most preferred for addressing your chosen illness and why. You may also consider explaining how your selected approach may help a health care practitioner to better understand and/or address the illness you chose.

Use of formal language, flow, and grammar (20 points): Please don’t be intimidated by these points. I won’t deduct points heavily if you have a few grammatical errors. I just want you all to be sure that you’re proofreading and turning in something professional and polished.

Assignments to complete for this week!

  • (Optional) Write your classmates and/or instructors a goodbye note
  • Turn in final project – Due 8/18 @ 11:59pm EST
  • SIRS form for MSU – ASAP

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  1. Do we need to find citations for the videos/course materials that we use in our project? I’m just having some trouble finding original sources to some of the movies and videos that play directly from our cite. #help

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