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                The website I explored was the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology. Formed in 1998 it attempts to promote the study of biological (or physical) Anthropology for the purpose of understanding the physical development of the human species from the past to the present. To do this biological anthropologist might draw from sub fields such as primatology, medical anthropology, and forensic anthropology to name a few. The British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology (BABAO) acts as an advocate to encourage discussion of new research discoveries at conferences and disseminates knowledge in their publications.

                As we learned in our lessons for this week anthropology overall asks the questions; how did we get here? What did it take for us as a species to get to this point in history? What has changed as we have reached this point? How are we all one species of human yet we are so diverse in the ways we live and interact with each other? Were our ancestors as diverse as we are now or is this something relatively new to us? All these are questions that Anthropology seeks to answer and make the connections that best fit with humanity.

                Of the four main subfields of Anthropology I find cultural and biological to be the most interesting and in my opinion the more important to answering some of these questions that arise. I also believe they complement each other well. What I mean by this is that you cannot answer some of these questions without looking at both the cultural and physical aspects of human evolution. Culture plays a huge role in how people live and the kinds of things they do in their daily lives. Therefore as time progresses for a group of people or for that matter every person alive past or present, their cultural practices will influence their biological aspects as well. This can also be vice versa with the physical aspects of human evolution. For example if Anthropologist are seeking to find why a group of people in the past moved out from living in a warm and dry climate to a more cold climate they might not only see that there was a change culture. But perhaps there was also a change in the biological evolution in the humans that were deciding to move away from a particular climate or region and into the new one.

                All the subfields of anthropology are interesting and unique in their own way. They all seek to answer their own specific questions. Yet these same questions overlap into other sub fields that might also be attempting to find an answer to the very same question. Anthropology then allows us to have a base and say this is what we all want to know so how can we best answer it? These subfields then have the responsibility to track down and piece together the best possible answer that will go about answering these questions. We are all curious by nature and seek answers to questions we have, therefore we all can be anthropologists.

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