Blog one -Biological Anthropology

This branch of physical sciences advocates for the establishment of a platform for studying human biological sciences in the context of genetics and evolution. It has been taught in world leading universities for at least 30 years now. Biological anthropology involves the study of how man has genetically evolved from the older forms of life to the present. In this study, the relationship between humans and the other members of the hominid race. This has resulted in many discoveries useful in medical research. Medical laboratory experiments are currently not advisable being done using human beings. Therefore, the other members of the primate family are best used to fulfill this pursuit. Notably, most of the research studies done by the scientist through this field have yielded many discoveries of medical importance.

Anthropology involves understanding the normal human life and dignity. One such field that has significantly benefited is the field of genetic engineering. It is through this field that many of the genetic diseases have for the first time been treated. The understanding of how life works is the hallmark of human medicine and research. On matters of behavior and culture, biological anthropology studies lead to the best of what can be seen today. It enables students to of Biological Sciences to understand what it takes to lead and manage every serious issue within the context of life. Human behaviors and habits are related to their level of civilization. In the same context, there ought to be a better way of dealing with the main issues of human confidence and relationship with the rest. This pursuit will borrow a lot from the field of psychology. However, since sciences are interconnected, the two fields have learned to borrow from each other. In the same context, scientists from both sides have everything it takes to make them succeed. There is also a better way of handling human studies using the concept of biological anthropology.

Although these studies mostly touch on the ability of the biological aspect of science, it also brings in the important pursuit of communication sciences. Learning about the genetic and biological traits of humans helps bring in the pure understanding of true human characteristics. This way, the studies contribute to anthropology. It empowers it and helps it veer off the pure art nature and gain a scientific dimension.

Human life moves in a growing dimension, spanning every facet. It thus takes a human mind to learn to evaluate it progressively over time to understand it. In the same sense, there ought to be a well-structured study that brings in the special attention of all people to the center of the studies. Historically, tales and narratives have been the primary source of anthropological evidence. However, with the introduction of biological evidence, a better source of evidence that can stand the scientific test exists. Such studies are importat because they bring in a better affront to the field of anthropology.

In conclusion, biological anthropology has played a crucial role in the dissemination of knowledge relating to human life. There is everything to gain from the study of anthropology as it makes human life complete. It brings fulfillment both scientifically and socially. The medical field has been a significant beneficiary of such studies to the extent that new drugs and ways of treatment have been discovered. The modern day scientist has become complete due to the ability to address medical and social issues touching on human life. It is a boost to the medical profession.

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