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The American Association of Physical Anthropologists is the world’s leading professional organization for physical anthropologists. Their annual meetings draw more than a thousand scientists and students from all over the planet. One of the many contributions AAPA makes is that they teach scientific creationism in public schools. AAPA has an ethics committee that develops educational resources for a new section to provide information and training about ethics in the anthropology community. They take real ethical issues and use them as a foundation for development of discipline specific case studies ultimately making the profession as a whole a better place. All are welcome to submit an issue and it will be reviewed by a third person party. They will not accept case studies from anybody with any ties to our organization or the one with an issue. Your issue will remain confidential including all names mentioned in the case and they are committed to working with anyone to male details ready during case study development. This committee can clear up this profession and bring out the honesty in people.

Another reason the AAPA is making strides in the anthropology community is the biological anthropology department at Freiburg University in Germany is developing a digital standard for human skeleton data. One reason it can be useful is that its used to produce structured data sets and can be a model of data for osteological coding software. This software is being developed simultaneously. This is advantageous because it serves as a structure for scientists to add their own designs from research as software extensions. These extensions are made according to a framework and aren’t bound to specific software. It can be shared in an efficient way in order to load into ones own software between other researchers. This will have hands on experience giving everyone who tries the software a good look of if they enjoy how it works or not and this is given to the public in the most attractive way.

The AAPA is offering a course called introduction to geometric morphometrics which teaches the main concepts of shape analysis based on landmark coordinates and its multivariate procedures, and how they can put into practice across any biological discipline in which the phenotype and its variation are the principal sources of information.

Another course offered is a workshop course. Participants will learn step by step procedures to use R and the codes to conduct specific statistical analyses. Its is designed for beginners for anyone can use it to further their knowledge in anthropology. A basic understanding of stats is better to start and would make the course easier but following intro to R as a language and an environment can help anyone learn about bio cultural environment. The topics that will be covered will be descriptive stats, hypothesis testing, linear and logistic regression along with discriminant function analysis and principal component analysis. It is very cost efficient and is easy to sign up.


This association can help anyone who wants to become more integrated in the anthropology community.

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  1. I was able to learn so much so quickly through your essay. It is so interesting that the American Association of Physical Anthropologists is so dedicated to education and furthering the issues studied by anthropologists in general. It is incredible that they are able to create a digital human skeleton at Freiburg University in Germany to further studies within biological anthropology. I would never have assumed that advancements in software would be helpful to the anthropological community. That is a great learning technique that will be extremely beneficial in spreading the knowledge of new anthropological studies. The courses offered by AAPA are very fascinating as well and will offer great exposure to the field of anthropology. It is great that they want to spread the knowledge founded within their field and allow anyone to have access to information regarding our own species. Thanks!

  2. Your essay was very informative. I learned a lot about the American Association of Physical Anthropologists and I’m so impressed that this organization focuses on the education of ethics within the anthropology community. I believe that ethics should play a dominant role in any organization, it allows the organization room for improvement. I’ve also notice how this organization offers different courses and classes to improve people’s knowledge within anthropology. The fact that they provide a workshop course, to help beginners learn different aspects of knowledge within anthropology, proves that they are willing to help anyone integrate themselves into the field.Your essay made me interested in the organization and I even went on their web page to explore it more. Overall you did an excellent job on what the organization did and what they were about.

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