Blog 2 – Evolution and Human Biology

Well to start off, my major is pretty much a roller coaster of science classes. So I have run into the theory of evolution quite a lot over my time at MSU. Most science courses that I have run into clearly support evolution in animals as it is scientifically proven that some animals evolve over time. They have extremely similar like qualities as their ancestors and several features are distinct, yet some features remain the same as time goes on. In fact, in science animals need to adapt more and more over time eventually leading to them changing over a period of several years. Now Human evolution is an extremely touchy subject in science, considering there is a lot of controversy around it. There is not enough evidence to completely prove it without a doubt, yet there is not enough evidence to completely disprove it. This causes there to be several arguments among scientists and other people as well. In my personal opinion, I do believe human evolution can happen slightly over time. If you need to be strong and hard to survive then over time humans would be larger. If you need your spine to grow a certain way , then people with a curved spinature would eventually die out and  a specific type of people would remain. Yet, in my opinion and this is just my opinion, you can just evolve intelligence. If that was the case then why are humans are the only animals that are as intelligent as they are? Over time you will gain more knowledge and cross certain thresholds of science, but the basic intelligence a human has cannot be something that just happened somehow if we came from monkeys. The reading for this week had a certain aspect at looking at evolution, but it didn’t really make me change the way i look at evolution in my field. Its a rather unclear path when it comes to evolution, but human variability makes sense to me. As i said before over time there are aspects of humanity that come on top just like with any other species. Human variability is the many different possible values for measurable characteristics, whether it be physical or mental. These differences can be important or not important at all. Some can be voluntary while others are not voluntary. Some can be genetics passed down by parents, or some can be an environmentally given trait. For example, people could have a genetic heart condition and this would be different among each person. IF their parents had it then maybe they could have it. While an environmental trait would be being tan. If you live somewhere where its always hot and sunny, you will be more tan than if you live somewhere where it is not as sunny or hot. Basically, I am just expressing my opinions on the matter. I may be right or wrong, but this is how I feel and my approach to it. Im sure other people could disagree with me or agree with me. Im interested to see the different views of it all!

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  1. Being in a major with a ton of science classes, evolution must be something you run into on a daily basis. I’m curious as to how that works with your belief system that questions some of the aspects of the evolutionary theory.
    I have never considered that part of evolution and I have to say you definitely made me ponder some things. It is interesting that humans are the only ones who seem to have developed the intelligence that we have nowadays. But perhaps that is only because we are the most advanced form of life on the planet? Perhaps not all species must be on the same evolutionary track.
    I’m no expert in the field but I guess I’ve just always assumed that we were one of the first forms of life (that haven’t gone extinct) and that’s why we are the most advanced!

  2. It is interesting to hear your opinion from such a strong scientific point of view. I am studying psychology, and although a science, it does not often take such an empirical viewpoint. It makes sense that you would have been able to study evolution in animals a lot through your classes. It’s very true that human evolution has evidence for and against it, so it is difficult to pick a side. It does seem like a mystery as to why humans have a higher intelligence than other animal species, but I think it is still very probable that our intelligence stemmed from some type of ape. It is very probable that evolution played a part in it. Your interest in human variability is interesting as well because it seems to have many different layers to it. Great job!

  3. Hi!
    I was very interested to hear your point of view from a biology standpoint. I think it important that you address the theory of evolution from both standpoints- those in support and those against. After all, evolution is a theory. I have noticed that a lot of hard science based people usually look at evolution as pure fact, and think anyone to disagree is senseless. The matter of the fact is that it is not completely proven- only partially.
    I have very similar thought patterns as you when it comes to evolution. I appreciate that you have formed your own opinions, as I feel that too many people just take things as they are depending on what is being taught to them. I believe that different species can adapt to their needs and vulnerabilities. Human variability is extremely interesting, as you highlighted in your post, as there are so many different possibilities in it.

  4. I found this post to be super interesting. Mainly, I liked the way you talked about humans adapting to certain situations. Survive and thrive, essentially. I also really enjoyed the question that you posed. It’s a really good point- I mean, yeah, why are humans the only ones who’s intelligence has evolved so much? You would think that there would have to be some other sort of intelligent life that is comparable to humans. It’s always interesting to, when you remember just how cool humans are. I mean, you’re totally right- environmental adaptation? It’s pretty sweet when you really think about it. That people who live closer to the sun tend to have much tanner skin. Maybe it makes me nerdy but I think that’s really awesome that we can evolve as species that much to adapt to our surroundings.

  5. Most science deal with or discuss evolution at some point, whether it be animals or humans. I agree with your statement about human evolution being a touchy subject, one reason being because everyone has different opinions but everyone wants to be right. There is evidence thats supports both sides. I also agree that you can’t evolve intelligence. If that was the case then why are their still monkey being born and humans, if humans came from monkeys then there would be no more monkey only humans. Genetics is an important factor in evolution. Like when polio was still around then everyone got a vaccine that stopped it and made it less like for those people to carry the gene as the years went by. There are a lot of different perspectives on this.

  6. Your perspective about how animal evolution is perceived so differently than human evolution is interesting. I feel like they should be thought about in the same way since humans ARE animals after all. I believe that there is enough evidence to “prove” human evolution though. At least as much evidence as there is to support any other theory of that nature. We have fossils and a lot of knowledge about how the human race has evolved over time. I agree with you that there are many different aspects to human variability and that it is a really broad term. I think human variability also plays a key component in evolution, like in the survival of the fittest. However sometimes that seems less important nowadays due to all the rapidly progressing medical technology.

  7. I’m glad I finally found a student who was majoring in the class we are taking. It might not be the exact same of what we are learning but the knowledge you have learned from the education you have received shows that you can relate to anthropology. Its awesome that you study sociology and psychology in order to proficient in the area you work in. I have one question. Does what we have been learning apply to a real live career in anthropology or is it just a class students have to take? I would love to know how your career can help our society and improve the style of living we have come to. This post has given me a different side of looking at how one should react.

  8. I like your comment it sounds like your major is very close to what we are learning about in class right now. I like how you explained how traits can be different in a child based on what your parents demographic is. I would love to hear more examples of how or why the human race is the way it is because of the location where they are on the globe. Your one example of being tan is true but more supporting evidence would help convince the reader. I agree with what your point to prove is but I need more information than what we have learned and solely that the sun is present more in their area of the earth. I gain some insight from your post though great job.

  9. Your opinion was extremely interesting. I especially like the fact that you mentioned intelligence being apart of evolution. To be honest I’ve never thought about evolution in that sense. It’s so true! The intelligence of a human is about the only thing that we can for sure prove that has evolved. All other evidence about human evolution can be proven but we can also disprove it, just like you said. We gain knowledge every day. New theories develop everyday and I think kids are becoming smarter and smarter generation after generation. Your ideas about genetics traits and environmental traits was interesting as well. You’re right an environmental trait, like being in hotter weather and becoming tan, can maybe cause your children to have slightly darker skin than. Especially if they are also raised in hotter weather.

  10. I agree, the path in relation to evolution may still be unclear but all of the information in regards to human variability makes perfect sense. I’m a Christian and I do believe that God created man and I use to struggle with evolution theories and deciding who is correct but now I believe that both are correct. It’s hard to go into much detail here about my beliefs in regards to evolution because it would probably be the equivalent of a short book. As you mentioned, human variation differs in many ways and human variation is something that is apparent and obvious. We can’t deny that it exists, evolution on the other hand come with many different theories and there is still no one-hundred percent true explanation on the existence of our being.

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