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Reading the statements from the AAPA and the American Anthropological Association, I agree with pretty much every thing they are saying regarding race and ancestry. Differences in race make up a very small amount  of genetic variation between human populations. Most people who believe in race being a large genetic difference are very surprised by this.

The American Anthropological Association talks about how a racial world view was invented in order to divide humans into groups. These groups would result in being able to categorize each group into different classes socially. Thus the division amongst races could lead to certain groups being privileged to higher degree of wealth, power, and class. I like this idea that race evolved as a world view because they are acknowledging that it is not only an American thing. Race is a whole world view and therefore a whole world problem. I found it very interesting though that they spoke about United States society and how when it was being constructed, the Europeans intentionally put certain characteristics on the different races. The white Europeans were given “better” characteristics than the black or Indians. They were blaming biology for non existent difference to divide up races. In reality, biology is not very different between races. We all evolved from the same species and the amount of melanin in a skin makes little to no biological difference.

I also agree with a lot of what the AAPA says in their statement. Specifically their statements regarding differences in behavior. I think it is important to remember what they say about that in present day because with everything that is going on in the world right now, people tend to forget. The AAPA states that behavior is not genetically determined. So a behavior difference in races is not biologically made. The argument that some races act and think differently due to the color of their skin is wrong in this case. Blacks who live in Europe will act just as whites who live in Europe. They are not biologically determined to act and believe differently. Culture, physical environments, and social environments are what determine differences in behavior. I think this is an important thing to remember in todays world when we try to blame a whole race for something a small group who lives in a completely different area has done.

Overall, I agree with both the the statements regarding race and ancestry. Race has historically always been an issue in our society. It is unfortunate that it is only an issue because it is a man made idea that exists only because humans forced it to be. We all come from the same ancestors and we all share the same genetic structures. We are all very similar on the inside and it is unfortunate that we let small outer difference be a large dividing factor in us as a human population. I hope to one day see a world where race is not an issue. I come from a mixed race background and have many people in my life of different races. We are all the same and should not let these things divide us.

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