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I first started off by reading the statement made by the AAA and it says that evidence portrays that 94% of genetic variation occurs within specific racial groups. This made me shocked to know. I had no idea that this really could be possible knowing that based on someone’s particular race that is the background or general part of the world that individual has come from. It is also extremely interesting to know that whenever different species came across one another they have interbred. This is turn has maintained human kind as a single species. I wonder why historically this has been the case? An example would be skin color can vary based on ones latitude either in the north or in the south. North being farther away from the equator and south being closer. But, this does not in turn have an effect on ones hair, nose, or mouth genetic traits. This article has made it clear to me that physical traits are not the same as race, which is something that our general population definitely makes a mistake on a day to day basis. Physical traits generally have no meaning except for social ones, which are the ones that humans put on them. This can get into the fact of how a general society we develop stereotypes and stigmas that eventually become an expected norm for our society. Race as a whole historically had become a way of our society to colonize and rank our human structure making this easier to understand even though it had nothing to do with how our physical variations were actually categorized.

After reading the statement made by the AAPA there first statement sounded more familiar to what I have learned in the past which is that all human species have come from a different ancestral group categorizing them to be that specific race. Pure races in regards to 100 percent homogenous populations do not exist in todays world because there has been too much variations with different races breeding even if an individuals ancestral line goes back generations in one single race, this does not happen. There are obvious physical differences between people living in different geographical areas but this is not referring to nose, eyes, mouth etc, these are more due to the individuals way of life or diet. On the other hand the genetic differences result from different inherited traits not based on where they live but based on there parents.

The non existence of biological race can be solely because of one of the facts learned in the AAA article and that is because a population of majority one race comes across another race they are in turn expected to interbreed with that race. So over time it has been almost impossible for one person to be biologically only one race. Therefore nowadays there still are categories of race but that persons specific traits have not only come from the race that they are categorized as. It can come from the many races their ancestors have come from.

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