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For me there were several statements and concepts that stood out that came from both the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA). The first came from the AAA where it stated “human populations have at times been isolated, but have never genetically diverged enough to produce any biological barriers to mating between members of different populations”. This statement stood out because when people tend to think or believe that there is difference between the many existing populations of today. They often overlook or fail to see that the human population of today can all inter mate and produce offspring regardless of the “race” the individuals may claim to be. For example if we look at recent history when the British first landed on the content of Australia and their encounter with the indigenous population of the Aboriginals. These were two groups of people who had been isolated from each other until that point. Yet once the inter mating between the two groups started there was no biological barrier that prevented the breeding and thus the result of offspring from the two. In this scenario therefore race was only a socially constructed concept that only attempted to separate but could not fully do so because of the lack of actual biological difference.

                Secondly, a statement that stood out to me from the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA) was, “Race” thus evolved as a worldview, a body of prejudgments that distorts our ideas about human differences and group behavior. Racial beliefs constitute myths about the diversity in the human species and about the abilities and behavior of people homogenized into “racial” categories”. This to me means that race does not exist. Race is not a real thing is what the whole article states. This quote directly states that race is just prejudgments that distorts people’s ideas of human differences. Proving that race does not exist is a scientific fact from the article which claims, “Scientists today find that reliance on such folk beliefs about human differences in research has led to countless errors”. Clearly one cannot rely on race for reasons being that race is just something that has evolved as bodies of prejudgments. Race distorts human’s minds on the ideas of human differences. From race we got racial groups which implies to racial myths and one cannot see the reality of human capabilities or behavior through these racial myths. As stated before scientific studies on these human differences led to many errors. Race seems to be a social concept but definitely not a scientific one. For example, one cannot determine ones race by skin color or the shape of eyes.

                If I were attempting to explain the non-existence of a biological race to a person unfamiliar with the topic my main point to them would be is that we are all humans of the same species. This term of “race” does not do anything except create a social barrier among populations. That only hinders them into a false sense that one group or population is of different status yet we are all capable of breeding among each other producing fertile offspring that would then pass its genes to the next generation.

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  1. Hello,
    I enjoyed reading your response to the topic of race. I agree with the statement that you made regarding race, and that it creates a prejudgment to others who are learning about the idea. The aspect of race does indeed create a distorted opinion of those in our society. Racial beliefs cause a lot of misconceptions, stereotypes, and automatic assumptions. It is not necessarily a fact that based on a person’s “race” that they are automatically placed in a certain behavior or lifestyle. It is more so the environment that a human is brought into that can create a learned behavior. I am in total agreeance with you that “race” absolutely creates a barrier, which separates humans and also limits our potential as a whole.

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