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As I have learned throughout the years, race is a social construct that is present in society due to mankind and human nature. The fact that man needs to classify things into a certain order.  I really loved a point in the lecture that states that Race has very signs of being made for several social and economic agendas. It illustrates how the idea of race is very likely to be used in these aspects to manipulate or change the perspective of other people.  As we know that race has nothing to do with science as there is no genetic variation from person to person to an alarming degree. I feel like it is clear that people just called grouped populations by certain races because of the way they have adapted to their environments. Certain people look a certain way if they were from a certain selected population.

The AAA stated that“Physical, cultural, and social environments influence the behavioral differences among individuals in society.” Which i thought to be very important dut to the fact that it explains how some environments as i explained earlier force people to be placed into race and behavioral characteristics by people in society.  I completely agree with this statement as I have personally seen individuals and placed them in certain categories myself, even though it may have been involuntary. I have also seen many other people prejudge people due to their cultural values and the way they live their life throughout the years. I personally have also fallen victim to such things as i have had this happen to me. Someone who was well off would have a different way of dealing with problems and hardships than someone who was less fortunate. They both adapted to the environment in different ways and found certain ways to survive.

The AAA also talked about how people have been constantly hammered away at in order to make them view people of different races as the same person and to not let race be a deciding factor in their judgement. I would actually disagree with this statement since it is an extremely hard thing to do.  The fact is that people will believe what they have been taught to believe over many years. It will take much more time for this race problem to be eradicated than just this. A lot of people look at white people and see them as a higher class of human, while looking at African Americans and see more “criminal minded individuals”. This is evident in all the shootings of innocent people over the past few weeks by officers. I am not saying that this is the case for everyone, yet it is evidently not a problem that has been fixed in anyway. I have also personally heard people say African Americans are more physically gifted and thats why they are better at sports. So it goes both ways, yet my point is that it is still evident today. It would be rather hard to explain the non-existence of race to someone who has never heard of it. It depends on their level of judgement when it comes to race. I would go about it by showing them there is no genetic variability from one race to another and it is mostly a social agenda used to better and hurt people.

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  1. This post is great; I think that after people have put tags on African Americans for so long it would be hard for African Americans to be viewed differently. I think if we wanted to get rid of the racial groupings it would be very hard with all that’s going on. The killing of innocent people recently have made this nearly impossible with most of the killings being black African American and the law enforcement being mostly white. If there was to ever be a day where we all would be viewed as equal it would be hard and I don’t see it happening in my life time. I also agree with you when you say that people have adapted to their environments. I said this same statement in my article and I related it to African cultures and how in some countries the sickle cell trait developed and in some cultures it didn’t but you still see it today.

  2. I could not agree with you more about your comment on race being a socially consructed idealism. What I do not find surprising about the invention of the term is that its place of origin was here in the United States. Our government has used the term as a tool in the building of a social strata characterized by inequality and perpetuating racism. I have noticed in recent years how the government and the media have collaborated in an effort to perpetuate the spread of racism by targeting the middle eastern community through the manipulation of individuals into believing that they are “terrorists.” They have created a widespread fear of the muslim community through this false conception. Biological races do not exist, only the socially manufactured idea of races do. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line of human evolution we as humans have failed to evolve into one united species that can think for themselves. When it comes down to it, all humans no matter their race, culture or religion are all still biologically one human race.

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