Blog Post Three

Reading the different statements from the American Anthropological Association and the American Association of Physical Anthropologist was extremely interesting to me. It is always comforting to be reminded that race is a social construct, and does not exist at the biological level. The article reminded me that there are different varieties of human beings, rather than different races. In particular, the statement of “The construction of race has clear parallels with political, economic, and social agendas, and thus it is necessary to understand” thoroughly explains the scientific analysis of race. Established associations such as the AAA and APA are setting the record straight by clarifying that race is a social construct (as many educated individuals have learned in sociology classes)

Sometimes it is very hard for humans to grasp the fact that biological race is non-existent. After all, humans have grown up with race virtually their whole entire life. Race is one of the main physical factors which people identify themselves by because it is so obvious. There are so many different movements, laws, codes, religions and discrimination patterns which often put different races on different sides of issues and creates tensions and preconceived notions about each race. I think in order to explain how race doesn’t exist, I would reference many of the videos, articles, and statements which I read for week three. They all described the non-existence of race in a way which makes the most sense from a scientific standpoint. I think that many people believe that when you say race doesn’t exist, it means that all people are the same. This could not be further from the truth! The diversity and human variability in all of us is what makes us so unique- however we are all the same race- the human race!

I really appreciated the article of Norman Sauer had an interesting antithesis argument to some of the other definitions presented by the renowned organizations. One of the reasons why individuals have such a hard time grasping the concept that race does not exist is because it is so easy to identify. Throughout Sauer’s paper I thought it was interesting that the anthropological community did not completely accept the non-race argument. The video presentation also outlined that view too, with different renowned leaders and scholars noting that there were several different races of humans. They also highlighted the fact that race does play an important role in the role world of anthropology, in particular, forensic anthropology. I think that them bringing up those points were very important, but still understood race as a social construct.

There are a lot of misconceptions about race, as we have seen over the course of history and of events of today. Through the readings and videos, it is evident that this is an extremely and sometimes tricky concept to grasp, as the majority of the world has yet to. It is a continual uphill battle with race but it is great to see clearly that human race is a social construct that human beings must get over in order to thrive.

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