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It was rather interesting learning about primatology as it carries on the idea of what we have been learning about and relates it to evolution. If we can relate evolution to animals and who they have similarities, it would tie it in even more. We only usually see similar traits between animals and other animals, but now we can look at the similarities between animals and humans. For example, this weeks lesson talks about how primates and humans have similar ancestries between them. We have similar DNA and behaviors as one another, and one can physically see many phenotypical characteristics between the two. And this week was all about that exactly. Primatology illustrates the physical similarities between the two. Aside from this, Primates are very similar to humans in social ways as well. There is actually a gorilla named coco, who even knows sign language. So it is clear primates are capable of becoming intelligent creatures. One big thing that I saw from this weeks video is that, we both share the idea of using and creating tools for our everyday use. Just like we have hammers, chimps have rocks. As if they were the cavemen and we are an advance civilization of humans. It basically seems like they are their own civilization that can yet learn many things. There was also the fact that there is some evidence of chimps using medicine just like humans, of course at a smaller level.

Lets move on to the article “What is War Good for?” In this article it shows us that Chimpanzees, just like humans, are capable of senseless violence as well. The chimps were killing and attacking for no reason other than territory disputes. They showed human like nature where they would kill and attack for no reason. These aren’t the only types of monkeys that have violent characteristics. There is also the spider monkeys that rape other female spider monkeys in other areas. So these examples illustrate that if put into a particular circumstance monkeys, just like humans would become violent if need be. You can also look at the Bonobo apes and how there are a lot of similarities between them and humans. The apes have territorial issues just like humans have shown over the years. In fact, we have started wars just over territory. Just like this, Apes are also going to war over territory and these wars last years and years. Its actually astounding how similar they are to us humans.

I would like to move up to today and look at the incident where the boy fell into a gorilla compound this year. It seemed as though that gorilla was protecting the boy and not even looking to hurt it. Obviously, he didn’t seems to attack the boy but we couldn’t tell for sure. At one point it even looked like the gorilla pulled the boys pants up. My point is that its interesting to see primates becoming more and more advance when taught by (and even on their own)humans. It is rather important to keep studying these primates as they give us more insight on what kind of ancestor we may have shared.

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  1. Hi Mohammad,
    I thought your blog four about Primates brought up some interesting ideas. I had forgotten about the gorilla named Coco who had such elaborate sign language ability. There was a great movie made about Coco that might be on YouTube. You also reference the violence of non-human primates from class. I think the chimps and spider monkeys had purpose in their violent acts. I agree the violence is more due to environmental pressure than a simple genetic basis. We choose to be violent. Even if there is a need to defend territory or resources, like food, there is a choice to simple abandon the region instead of defending it. The capability, size, and physical power that allows for physical confrontation may be genetic, but the initiation militarism association with a battle to the death must require a higher cerebral decision. I think humans and non-human primates do not need to be violent; a struggle for power emanates from a need and desire to protect all we have achieved.
    -Jaclyn Kyko

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