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The hominin traits can inform the biology of modern humans because it tells us exactly how we look and why we look that way. The two main characteristics of hominids are bipedalism and big brains. The brain case, or the skull, has increased in size over time to allow for the enlargement of the brain. It has also changed shape. The skull now has more forehead and a rounder shape. There is less separation between the brain and the face. The face has gotten flatter, the nose is less of a snout and humans have small teeth and jaws in comparison to the modern apes. Big brains allow for more learned behavior, such as using tools. Base o these characteristics it can tell us how a human is expected to look. It can help anthropologists in the way of knowing how are species is going to evolve. This can help all sorts of technology letting them know what to help prepare to invent or make to change the market in sales of new and improved technology.

Hominids started out as herbivores, eating mostly coarse, tough food that needed a lot of chewing. As the diet began to include small animals and cooked food, the teeth and jaws became smaller and smaller over time. By the time Neanderthal man came on the scene, hominids had become omnivores, eating a variety of foods, such as fruit, leaves, seeds, nuts, grains and meat.



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