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After reading the AAPA’s statement on biological aspects of race, I was surprised to read that pure races in regards to genetic homogeneity do not exist today among any population of the human species. In fact, the AAPA suggests that there is no evidence that supports pure race ever existed throughout human existence. I did not know that science lacked evidence of pure races ever existing, which I find interesting when reflecting on Hitler’s idea of a “pure Aryan race” since pure races are believed to never have existed in the first place.


Another interesting piece of information that I found during reading the AAA’s is that many scholars argue that the term “race” was actually a social mechanism created sometime during the 18th century here in the United States. The term “race” is thought to have been invented to refer to the many different populations of humans being mixed together during this time including, European settlers, Native Americans and African American slaves. I have never came across an academically or scholarly supported origin story for the term” race” and it was interesting to observe this point of view in the AAA’s statement.


In regards to coming up with a rational and easily understood way to explain to other individual’s the non-existence of biological race, I would touch base on a few key points taken from the above statements on biological race and the rest of this class thus far. First and foremost, all humans are homosapiens and belong only to that single species, thus sharing a common early ancestor. Populations of the human species have diverged and fused into new groups over time. Human divergence and fusion into these new groups have created small biological differences among all human populations as a result of the differences in the geographical and social environments in which these groups populate. Genetic mutations among humans over time have also created small biological differences as well but these differences still do not change the fact that every human being is of the same species and ancestor. Second, in reference to human variation there exists a great genetic diversity among all human populations. In fact, scholars argue that there is no evidence of a pure race in regards to the concept of a genetically homogenous human population ever existing through out the entirety of human history. Greater human intercontinental migration and mating between groups have both diminished group specific differences over time which has resulted in the perpetual flux in the flow of human genetics, causing a constant change in genetic make up. This perpetual flux does not allow for the existence of a pure biological race to have ever occurred. Lastly, the term “race” was invented in the 18th century in the United States as a reference to the intermixing of different human populations such as Europeans, Native Americans and African American slaves, all living among one another in the same geographical region The construction of the term “race” is tied to social and political agendas in existence during this time that looked to define a social hierarchy in which social status differences and inequalities among the newly mixed human population could be perpetuated based on physical differences such as skin color. These physical differences used to define this social hierarchy have only social meanings tied to them rather than biological. Biological races do not and have not ever existed because even though humans have different skin colors, social statuses, cultures and physical features, we all still share the same biological make up which makes us apart of the human species.


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