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Growing up I never fully knew if cave men were a real thing, this week I learned that they actually were and that they go  by the name Neanderthals. In anthropology we learn a lot about carious species, over time the number of discoveries that have been made have taught us so much about the human species today as well as non-humans. The discovery of the Neanderthals affected how scientists think about fossil record and human evolution by, simply comparing and contrasting whether it be externally or internally. Fossils and artifacts left behind have always given scientist an advantage to studying and learning about the life that lived before our modern time. Discovering that Neanderthal develop faster than contemporary humans was a pivotal point in human evolution research. Being that they are considered to be the closet to our human species. I think it also made fossil records more important to have and do. I feel they realized Neaanderthals can help us learn more about ourselves and the human race overall. Something I found that I thought was pretty significant about the discovery of Neanderthals is that their features were not present until about 30,00 years ago, at this time only modern homo spiens “existed”. This is important because it helps pin point how old humanity and how they’ve evolved. The traits of the Neanderthal were fairly normal all except one, and that was the fact that they had no chin. I think this has a lot to do with them not being able to “talk” even though its not exactly known, I would guess they couldn’t talk like us but they had to have had some type of communication. Whether it had been sounds verbally or hand signs. Some of their other traits were rounded head,large face and teeth, large brains. Something like the teeth can help scientist learn so much like what kind of food they ate, depending on their condition maybe how exactly they used them survival wise. Paleoanthropologist studied these fossilized remains to basically learn about life 30,000 plus years ago. The fossilized remains also allow paleoanthropologists to determine how long it may have taken for modern humans to become fully evolved to the way they are today. Fossils of the Neanderthal were accessed from limestone areas. The limestone had provided a good condition for the preservation of the genes. The Neanderthal man is found to be highly related to humans in Asia and Europe, according to the Youtube video. There is actually a lot of reach of this specific topic. I think all these findings have made a huge contribution to the study of human diversity. According to the video, paleoanthropologists believe that fossil records are the only way through which a clear route to the origin of man and diversity are seen all over the world. Diversity is key in the human species. We are different and bring something different to the table. Thats what make the world what it is today.

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