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The human species is constantly evolving due to consistent shifting and variation among the environmental, biological and cultural aspects of the human being.

One example of continuing modern day human evolution is gene mutation among the human species. Gene mutations can take place in response to adaptation to environments by humans in which can be beneficial to human evolution such as the development of an increased production of sickle cell alleles in malarial environments in order for humans to fight off malaria more easily in order to continue on the evolutionary path.

Another example of beneficial gene mutation is the ability of human skin cells to adapt to UV levels by producing more melanin (darker skin) in areas such as south America with higher uv radiation levels and less melanin (lighter skin) in areas such as Canada where uv radiation levels are much lower. The consistent mutation of genes among the human species will continue to increase the level of variability of the species over time and evolution.

Another example of continuing human evolution in modern day humans is the consistent flux in gene flow and drift among the human species. Advances in human culture and technology have created and changed patterns of the human genetic flow by aiding in the facilitation of the movement of humans and their genes. Large human population migration on an international level has happened consistently over time due to environmental consequences such as wars, trade and changes in territory ownership. Advancement in technology has allowed humans to travel and migrate more easily by plane, train, bus or car. We can also email, text, call or post on social media to people from around the globe, bringing different human populations more closely together. This state of perpetual human migration greatly varies human genetic variability by mixing cultures and genes from around the round. As mentioned in this class, no pure human race has ever existed, only one biological human race.

Last, continuing human evolution is also evident in modern day humans when focusing on the evolution of human diseases and our biological responses towards them. Viruses and bacterias in the form of diseases are evolving along side humans and learn to adapt to our new antibodies and antibiotics we use to fight them off. As these diseases mutate and evolve in an effort to defeat our biological and genetically modified defenses, our bodies must also evolve in order to fight these new diseases. The evolution of disease and humans play off one another and help to construct the path of one anothers evolution.

Humans will forever be changing, maybe not rapidly but gradually. We may not see phenotypic traits changes among humans in our life time but we will continue to see the small things that are not always in plain sight. We will continue to adapt to the impending climate changes, we will continue to migrate and mix our cultures as one biological human race.

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