Blog 7- future evolve trend-Jinke

In general, humans can continue to evolve with the environmental impact. There are three different aspects of human being’s future evolvement.

The first one is to change with the impact of gene flow. Gene flow (also known as gene migration) is the transfer of alleles or genes from one population to another. There are a lot of human activities can cause gene flow. For example, war. People will retreat from the conflict zone and move to a different place in order to survive. Refugees from Syria are flowing to Europe right now to avoid raids and wars in their homeland. Another example of gene flow is the change in food resources. Couple weeks ago, we talked about the Irish potato famine happened in Ireland. Back in mid-19th Century, the potato was the primary food source for people in Ireland. The potato was also the major plants for Irish agriculture, too. However, a potato disease occurred, and it caused mass starvation and approximately 1 million deaths in the mid-19th century. Uncountable numbers of people move to the city and America for survival. In the future, gene flow would happen more regularly, smoothly on a more personal scale because technology connected us, and also made our life more stable.


The second evolvement trend is less genetic drift. With the development of technology, our life is more steady and steerable. Genocide (both naturally and artificially) and sweeping deaths of an area will be less often. Fusion between different human races will also occur more often; correspondingly, some unique traits of different races would start to blend in, such as dark and white skin color will turn into tan/brown skin color in the future. We can sure see that happen currently! I noticed that the skin color debate had been reduced a recent couple of years because we have more and more miscegenation. If a boy has a half white and half Asian mother, and a half black half Hispanic father, what race is he? No one can answer that question, but this will happen more often in the future. Moreover, with the popularization of gene/biology, people will eventually understand that we share the same blood, and there aren’t any “race” exist biologically.

The third trend I think is the natural selection. As our ability to manipulate the nature increase, random natural selection will happen less. In another word, human beings will have more freedom to choose what our future is, instead of just adapting the environment in order to survive (such as develop bigger body size to survive in the ice age). Speaking of “controlling our future evolvement,” human has a very scary ability nowadays: genetic manipulation and creation. Human genetic engineers can now create the “perfect human” by manipulating his/her gene when he/she was only an embryo. According to the trend, I think creating the perfect human will finally happen some day. By that time, we can totally jump out from the natural selection and create the perfect human as we wish. There might be much debate on the morality issue, but I believe this finally will happen.

Overall, there are much potential trend of human evolvement, but we will undoubtedly have more control of the evolvement trend because of the technology.

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