Blog 7: Traits Evolving In Humans today

Throughout the course, there has been a constant theme of evolution that has been addressed over and over again. The main thing in understanding and evaluating evolution in humans today is that, even on a small level there are tons of changes that humans are undergoing today. One of the main topics would be our resistance to diseases and viruses. As humans grow as a species more and more people in the new generation gain resistance to certain viruses. One aspect of this is that new born babies get the antibodies that fight these viruses from their parents. In science, the mother passes down some antibodies allowing a child to be immune from certain viruses. Aside from this, we are evolving scientifically as well. A lot of modern day medicine has allowed us to understand diseases and combat them in order to minimize risk and produce a better outcome for all infected. An example would be the HIV virus. Only a few years ago, we knew nothing about this virus yet today it is possible to contain it and allow someone to live a whole life. Humans use to basically ignore and stay away from anyone who had this virus. Aside from that, there was no medicine to help these people and they would die.

Aside from this, humans are culturally becoming more adapted to the world and leaving behind inhumane things in order to become more civilized people. This is mostly due to the fact that our morals and human nature comes into play and allows us to become more civilized and less barbaric. There are laws in place that prevent senseless killings and laws that allow a resolve to issues that would normally just lead in fighting. We even have biological traits that we may not want and cause problems in our everyday lives. There are people with anxiety and people around the world who cant deal with it. It causes us to feel uneasy for no apparent reason and people have so much expected of them. This causes the human mind to overthink and freak out, some people even get heart palpitations if they don’t excel in some fields.

Humans have also created so much and discovered so much. If we didn’t have so much technology and knowledge we would not be able to support the human population as a whole. People are massively reproducing and there is more and more food consumed every day. If we didn’t have the technology that we have today, we would not be able to support ourselves and people could starve to death. It may not be a biological evolution, yet it is one when it comes to culture and survival. Aside from this there is also a sense of urgency to leap further into the future and discover the true potential of humans. We may not be evolving as a species physically, yet we are environmentally and biologically. Our minds constantly push us into the future and allow us to look for the true potential as homo sapiens.

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  1. I like how you touched on authoritative figures helping create a less barbaric world for humans. This is a huge contribution to the lack of natural selection today. We have developed a legislative system to prevent people from killing due to competition. Technology also plays a huge role in that. Technological advances make it easier to take care of more people so this barbaric competition is not necessary.

  2. Your last paragraph is super interesting and definitely written from a pretty cool and unique perspective. I mean, I guess I haven’t really thought about our evolution physically but in terms of biologically and technologically? Definitely. Although, interestingly enough- I can’t remember where I heard/read this but I remember seeing something about how our thumbs or fingers will start changing physically over time because of the incessant amount of texting each generation partakes in. I don’t even know if that’s remotely true but it is interesting to think about. I mean, I guess it would make sense? I’ve always felt like our generation utilizes texting a lot but compared to high school kids these days? Not even close. It’s wild to think about. Either way, I agree- we have to be able to continue to advance our technology in order to survive. We have to be able to maintain and exceed the amount of consumption necessary to live. Technology gives us the ability to do that.

  3. I find it intriguing that your blog post is structured almost exactly as my own is. It addresses the same concepts, using unusually similar wording, in the same order, with an almost identical paragraph structure. Compounding this intrigue is the timing of your comment on my blog and the writing of this post. It is almost as if you read my blog post, reworded it point by point, and then proceeded to post it as your own work.

    This is itself an example of behavioral evolution. The capacity for humans to copy the work of others and claim it as their own, and, when successfully avoiding notice, to benefit. It is a selfish behavior, utilized in an attempt to profit from the work of others. This saves calories and time for the perpetrator, but only pays off when one is not caught. Technology is one of the main enablers of this lazy and intellectually inept behavior. The skills of writing coherency and intellectual literary presentation are greatly valued in our modern age, and the ability for others to easily plagiarize has been facilitated by the digital mediums our evolutionary evolved brains, specifically their capacities for abstract thinking and problem solving, have allowed us to create.

    Plagiarism also demonstrates how the ideas of honor and educational integrity have changed due to the evolution of culture within the paradigm of human education. Plagiarism has always existed, with many ancient writers copying the ideas of their forbearers and presenting them as their own. But those authors had often been dead for centuries, and their works were not well known in the cultures of the plagiarists. Modern plagiarism is usually much more shameless, short sighted, and simple. The evolutionary behavior of petty thievery exists because it is easy. Many animals exhibit the behavior, and it occurs as distinct phenotypes in some species. This phenotype usually presents in subdominant males, which are often referred to as “sneakers” by animal behaviorists. They lack the capacities of the dominant males in their species, so they instead slink in the shadows and attempt to steal what the dominant male has earned when the dominant male is not paying attention. This trait is most often demonstrated through the East African Cichlid species Lamprologus Callipterus.

    Correlating such behavioral evolution to modern humans is quite interesting. In the cichlids, the trait is demonstrated visibly through body size, while in humans, it is demonstrated though a number of invisible mental factors. These include: IQ, work ethic, integrity, honesty, competence, and many others. Also, what is being stolen is a tangible thing in cichlids and other sneakers, while in plagiarism in humans, it is an arrangement of ideas. This is unique to mankind, as no other species has evolved a value system that encourages independent thought and analysis, utilizing written language to transmit such an arrangement between individuals.

  4. Your blog is so true. Humans have all these characteristics that has helped us and we are continuing to evolve. Our minds are constantly pushing us into the future, such as the different technology we now have today. For example every year apple makes a new iPhone that is consistently better than the last one. I learned something new from your post. I don’t know much about biology but I did learn that new born babies get the antibodies that fight these viruses from their parents. Your right, we didn’t know much about HIV and Aids and now we have medicine that can help humans with this virus live a long life. How amazing is that? I’m sure we will eventually find a cure, humans are always developing and giving each other new hope.

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