blog 7


Humans are continuing to evolve in many different ways. Every year around the world humans are continuing to get stronger, faster, and much more athletic than previous years. Also we are developing coordination all across the world. Sports are starting to become more and more competitive every single year. If I was asked why this was I would say because of research on how to become a better athlete from kinesiology departments. The level of athleticism that todays athletes compete at is ridiculous. For example look at the Olympics in Rio that are happening currently. Simon Biles has he most gold medals by a single female in the Olympics ever. Her athletic ability is out of this world. Also Usain Bolt has never lost a race, he is basically the fastest human to ever step foot on earth no one has even challenged him to this day. Also the way Michael Phelps has changed the whole sport of swimming is so incredible. He has 23 total gold medals which id the most medals by anyone ever to compete. The fact that humans can swim the way they can is unimaginable because back in the day we weren’t even able to swim so this is something new for our species to learn.

We are evolving because we are still losing are wisdom teeth. Our ancestors had much bigger jaws than we do, which helped them chew a tough diet of roots, nuts and leaves. And what meat they ate they tore apart with their teeth, all of which led to worn down chompers that needed replacing. The wisdom teeth; A third set of molars is believed to be the evolutionary key to accommodate our ancestors’ eating habits. We are still growing because our bodies are trying to accommodate to our lives without have the molars that we used to need but nowadays we don’t need that tooth to eat what we would on a normal day.

We are resisting many diseases and sicknesses too. Many people don’t get sick from certain bacteria like they used to. Over time their lineage can become immune based on how they have fought off a sickness. Also doctors are coming up with vaccines given to babies that can make them immune for their entire lives. Eventually these babies childrens’ children will become immune and this disease can be wiped off the face of the earth.

Our brains are becoming smaller every year. Most people would generally we are getting dumber and we are evolving and we are digressing but studies show that are brains are shrinking because they are learning to become more efficient with less room in the head. So in a sense we are becoming smarter so we can have more room in our heads for more than just our brains. This is a very interesting point I read about because I would never think we would be getting smarter as a world because technology is doing everything for us. But I guess technology is teacher our brains to be more like a computer.